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  1. Theodoros vardas

    Wow mean ahow

  2. Kauan Costa

    Bem loco

  3. Elaine Robe

    I love you

  4. Ассамад Туманов


  5. November Pierce

    This was ridiculous

  6. Yessica Martinez


  7. HyStErIcAL GaMeS

    This is painfully nosatalgic

  8. / Marelyin/

    Not bad

  9. collin rush

    1:52 when the cops show up at your party

  10. Keanu Reevs

    He stole swirl from PewDiePie

  11. Lunar Night


  12. Smokky TV


  13. HEISHAM Atiar


  14. Mael _zubado

    Like si lo viste en agosto de 2019

  15. maname isJEFF

    One of the best music videos ever made.👌

  16. Darko Drakula


  17. King Joffrey

    wait is Redfoo just TJ Miller in disguise??

  18. junior santiago galvn nieto

    quue coooooolllllllllllllllllllll

  19. Mac Lennon

    reminds me of Abot and Costello and Austin powers.

  20. laila ribakova


  21. Emily Alabacos

    at 3:00 when the cop in the bottom right corner walks out of the doorway kind of just appears, you can tell he was edited into the shot. like if you see it too

  22. Pickle Rick Yt

    Never trust redfoo on his private jet

  23. MasterXtra

    When u reach 1000 subs for ad revenue

  24. Maria Rodriguez

    I Like your songs

  25. Lenka Peroutková

    2020 is dick

  26. Yusuf Koca

    22.08.2019 23.57

  27. Yessica Martinez


  28. Daniel Paizana


  29. christian nengasca

    making a music video in Public hm

  30. Richard Martz

    Ki viaji é essa Vey brink

  31. Bradley Sankey


  32. Blurry

    Why cuff the guards when you can cuff the pilot?

  33. Dj Cat

  34. Diggy Moore

    Last day of school be like

  35. zavaughn morgan

    I Love it

  36. idesireo

    this is pure CGI.

  37. Ana Martinez

    Like si te justo los pantalones

  38. Sa Migo


  39. Today's new fresh status

    Subscribe me and I will subscribe you

  40. cristian balan


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