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  1. Cass J

    Not a good sign for a food video that your opening scene to be in a GRAVEYARD! But hey, the food looks good.

  2. Amerigo Siyu Chen-jiang

    Cauliflower is my favorite, but I hate scallions

  3. Your awesome

    why is she filming in a grave yard…. wow

  4. Chester Izzy


  5. Chester Izzy

    Is this keto??

  6. Jason Gallegos

    very basic. i like

  7. Janelle Mason

    That does look good though

  8. Noah de leon

    I don’t know why but she reminds me so much of Britney Spears…..

  9. llamalover02

    We reeeaaally need a backstory of why she was in a cemetery talking about cauliflower…

  10. Jackie Williamson

    Would this be keto ?

  11. To Be Honest

    HUH….where I have seen this Wendy's Logo before 0:10

    Ree = HOT MESS
    Love her ❤️

  12. T K

    what kind of animal uses metal on non stick pans?

  13. To Be Honest

    Bish! 0:09

    why you filming in a grave yard !
    RIP Food Network 👻

  14. Kimberly Reese

    I will make it

  15. Leather Pants Guy

    Why is she standing in front of a graveyard? Is that where she keeps the bodies of her so called "family" that we never see? 👀

  16. H8rs No

    Is this a copycat of Heirloom’s cauliflower? I think it has breading and is deep fried, it’s also sweet, maybe honey at the end.

  17. chef Princess 5

    Wow fantastic recipe visit my vido

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