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  1. Matthew Ngo

    This dick , who thinks security check is nonsense ,should go back to your place because we Chinese don’t shoot people like you racist.

  2. Lim Chi

    I like the way they do the security scan. It is inconvenient, but much safer. In Australia, there is no security scan anywhere except the airport and courts. So any insane person could bomb the trains into the air any time he wishes. I could easily take a bomb with me in a bag, leave it on the train and get off the train and wait the bomb to get exploded. Thats scary! It can be taken advantaged by terrorists and psychopaths.

  3. Tony Franklin

    You think that beach is rammed, you have clearly never been to Scarborough in the 50s/60s/70s when the beaches were absoutely chock full of people, even nore dense than your weekend shot!!

  4. flo Asa

    What a retarded country!

  5. larryorzepa

    why complaining if you could enter? they were actually polite.

  6. Lim Chi

    Guys, stop being so unfriendly and cheeky. We should give Winston a great hug to cheer him up. He finally took his suit off.

  7. Eve Sword

    My country has the same buses lol, they look exactly the same. And the funny thing, they're a new thing in my country and is high tech and stuff 😀

  8. Reda Akrime

    Also need mention that they prefer to go to the beach at night so they dont get tanned skin ))) You should try it by night, it's packed! You can also have barbecue and drink beer as well in xiaomeisha.

  9. AwkwardSause c:

    So you're just gonna wear a suit? TO THE BEACH???

  10. Blacbarbie37

    The song you play at the end is horrid 😩

  11. eigo bike

    Smart smart. Copy of passport.

  12. eigo bike

    Absolutely using buses is so much more challenging than subway lines. Your navigation tips are spot on.

  13. may

    can’t believe it the security let a weirdo in and let him reach the sand!!!!! who will go to the beach in suits ??? take urself as a retired pilote ?

  14. niemands rose

    VPN 'checked'. 6:46

  15. Jimi Barker

    why do u people except this enslaved lunacy

  16. WEBescapade

    When you are in France, you are supposed to carry your passport all the time with you, similarly in the U.K. you are supposed to carry your passport all the time, even though you may not do so, all the time. It’s the same all over the place.

  17. phil chow

    hello, do you need to show your passport when getting into a movie house ?

  18. Sammy

    Very strict and everything to do with money, passport and have to paid to got to the beach too ?
    What a joke.

  19. Sherry Nadeem

    I wish you had worn more appropriate clothes for the beach lol… this just looks plain weird mate.

  20. jeff

    It's amazing how women look like women in China, must be amazing in a strange way.

  21. Kawerau Woods

    I've been to that beach. There was dead fish floating in the water.

  22. Inventor Maniatic


    (proceeds to get in)

  23. peter kimani

    Shenzhen is way better than Changchun

  24. Momo Ko

    going to the beach…shouldn't he be dressed for the occasion considering he already knew where he was going?

  25. Arash khetrapal

    10:49 poor girl doesn't know what her 1984tshirt signifies

  26. That One Lady

    With how many Chinese children piss in the streets…can you imagine how much piss is in the water?

  27. Chris Smithson

    I take my passport everywhere when in China, most of the time I am just waved through while my wife is always asked for he ID card.

  28. Shuaib abdulaziz

    Well who dress themselves like that to go to the beach

    An African is An African
    Whether he’s white or Black

  29. Yi Liang

    I love how you travel and do what most people in Shenzhen would do, so nostalgic to me

  30. Amare Ewnetu

    Stop complaining, you try to paint China in a bad way. If you don't like it that much just leave.

  31. Jevauni Jones

    Title says denied to go to the beach. He dead ass open the gate like go ahead fam😭😂

  32. Nosgoth of Kain

    someone making a phone call using their nose…

  33. DankDaddy5150

    Does Excuse me exist in the Chinese vocabulary?

  34. ben chen

    fuck off we are full

  35. W M

    Come to Australia Winston. There are almost more beaches than people and you don't need a passport or a wallet to get into them. Girls are not as cute here but you can't win 'em all.

  36. FRED J

    Thanks Serpentza Great things on your channel . Im curios to know this country more

  37. Natxolin

    0.65€ for an hour and half bus ticket, compare it to european public transport prices and cry

  38. The Dred God

    this is what happens when asians cant stop reproducing

  39. The Dred God

    Japan > China

  40. The Dred God


  41. J

    Going to the beach in China looks stressful

  42. GhostKusanagi

    You need a black barber to give you a real fade cut

  43. Bill Viking

    Pry a precursor to China’s upcoming social rating system: if rating low for you, the no beach for you!

  44. BlackEquinox

    Facial recognition surveillance. They know who you are. You aren't troublesome so I think they give you a pass.

  45. Shadow111111

    Honestly it makes sense that they do this on this particular beach. Like you said its otherwise complety overcrowded and full of dirt. But still, I dont know man…

  46. abraham Rubio

    Remember China only a little over 40 years old.. with two billion people in it… so they came very long ways.. when I say 40 since they got their independence!!

  47. abraham Rubio

    The title is absolutely misleading

  48. icutrauma1 RS6

    There's a reason China has no terrorist stabbings, bombings. No mo clickbait.

  49. Leo Le Taro


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