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  1. نوارة البلوشي

    شي يشبه الجنه🧡💕

  2. Relaxing Melody

    참 오랜만에 들어본다.

    잠 안오는 이 밤에~~~

  3. amankrishna murti

    Wadakam . 🙏💙

  4. 輕鬆的音樂 - Soothing Relaxation [BMG]

    Hey If u see this comment

    Have a good day 🙂

  5. Kristaps Prančs

    Music for SPA , now I find it. 😍❤
    THANK YOU ! 😊

  6. Liu L'аmouR

    Здравствуйте,это прекрасно!


    Sólo DioS Todopoderoso te hace sabio y Felíz.


    VIVE para Cristo Jesús y te faltará la noche, Amén

  9. Lydie Bordes


  10. manuel maldonado jr

    I love it thank you.

  11. Live And Let Live

    so relaxing ! ..namaste !..from Croatia with Love

  12. 根本和法


  13. Beth Thompson

    Love this kind of music it’s good for healing or meditating your mind to rest and slow down💞😌

  14. Rachelle&john Jane&chel Polica


  15. Mara Bonissoni

    Insônia, é horrível, são 3:45 hrs é não preguei o olho ainda, que saco.

  16. George Varley-Pillman

    Music for a massage 😁
    Music for therapy,😁
    Music for sensory,😁
    Music for meditating,😁

  17. Дима Овалов

    Привет Россияне 🤗🤗🤗

  18. Igor

    Интересно где такая природа

  19. Amazing Nature Relaxation Therapy

    This is wonderful. As usual. The footage is fantastic as well. I have a big monitor and I can put it on full screen and let it play in the back while I work. Thanks !!! – H

  20. ibrahimovic إبراهيموفتش

    J'aime beaucoup

  21. sandra maria cardillo

    Here is the wounderful Nature🌈🌍🌎🌏💕💕💕💕💝🙏 thank you friend, Nature nós🌄🏞️🎀🏆🎉🎈🎈🎈🔭🍀💯🤗😘😘

  22. Lillian Bryant

    So calm an relaxing🏆😊

  23. MATEO

    Gracias por esta música tan bonita, bella y relajante….me estoy quedando dormido mientras la escucho y escribo esto…Una PALABRA la define…PAZ…
    Muchas muchas gracias 🎶🌌🎶✨🎶🎇🎶🌒🎶🎆💙👏

  24. Maria D

    Very calming music, makes you travel with your mind!!

  25. Hana

    Something out of context😹: I invite you kindly and whole heartedly to visit my YouTube space and give your feedback ❣then if you think my voice is worth it , support me… 10k are a dream now … u can give me the biggest happiness by helping me reach them🌼🎁🎀🎆
    Shukriya Dil se♡

  26. Слатки Мишка

    Erengel )))

  27. Chill & Explore

    Amazing sceneries, thanks for inspiring us

  28. ぱかあほ

    PTSD不眠症 音楽療法

  29. Noise For Relaxation


  30. On The Moon


  31. Razil 1

    Truly Beautiful Music!!

  32. JOHNNY Walker

    Beautiful cosmic .

  33. JOHNNY Walker

    Here a list idea

    1 , elements cosmic .

    2, dinosaur valley.

    3 , Stonehenge.

    4 , cosmic forest.

    5 , weather.

    6 , colourful planet.

    7 , canal.

    8 , hot air balloon.

    9 , sea .

    10 Rainbow.

  34. Gurudra - Emotional Health & Mental Wellness

    There is no greater miracle in the world other than meditation) it is the only science of transforming you into a new human being )

  35. Alexa Castro


  36. Ahmed AlSaigh


  37. Omar the youtuber

    This is a beautiful music to hear

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