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Easy music and picture. A powerful combination helps you relax. You can also use it to fall asleep. Namaste activates notifications so you can stay up to date …. [TagsToTranslate] relax music

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  1. Sapphire Acquarose

    what a wonderful journey today! Thank you

  2. Minerva Counseling en Relatietherapie Breda

    Vooral fijn dat er geen loops in zitten, dat gaat op den duur zo vervelen. Fijn, dank je wel!

  3. Live And Let Live

    jaaako lijepo , sooo nice !. …Namaste , from Croatia with love

  4. maria rizzi

    " L'armonia della musica" 🎶✨💖

  5. Zdzislaw Szulc

    Magical music thanks

  6. Bronson lkm

    Thanks, the natural sceneries are breathtakingly amazing! Sounds good n light, beautiful lovely music tune is melodious! So refreshing and relaxing the mind n heart. Perfect for stress relief, relaxation n soothing sleep meditation!🙏

  7. The Lighthouse

    I am only 3 minutes in, loving looking at nature, like I am flying over it all, and now can hardly keep my eyes open 😂😛yawning, such relaxing music 🎶 🌳🌺🌾🌷thank you! 🙏🏻☺️

  8. Romulo Coelho

    Dormi profundamente.
    Senti algo que não sei explicar.

  9. Ian Harrison

    Magnificent scenery and totally soothing beautiful music 👌Thank you 🙂

  10. Nena Lavonne

    ♥️🙏 beautiful

  11. Wander Almeida

    Lindo. Bela seleção. Muito obrigado!

  12. Sara Croche à la Vie

    Magnifique ❕ Merci infiniment pour cette belle vidéo ❕ 😘 💕 💞 💖 🎶✨❕🌍😇

  13. Gilmour Fan


  14. Nina 329

    Dziękuję 🙏

  15. Jopy Catalin Official


  16. Lunula Ariowie

    Medytuję i praktykuję jogę przy tej muzyce. Uwielbiam 💜 Dziękuję

  17. Relaxing Nature Ambience

    these pictures are mindblowing

  18. Gregory Maxwell

    ı m very relaxing

  19. Amazing music as always! I actually create similar music with binaural beats, and just recently uploaded my first wealth meditation with binaural beats. Check it out, I always follow back!

  20. Shelley Anthony

    Music for body and Spirit thankyou soo much for the new Music video from you Shelley Anthony your friend and Youtuber out there wow this is so soothing Relaxing Music 🎹🎧🎼🔔❤💓💕.the snow is so Amazing and cold to look at mountains and sunshine feels like your flying in an airplane 🛩🛫🛬

  21. Diane Giovanniello

    Beautiful thank you ⭐️❤️⭐️

  22. Carlos Emmanuel Dos Santos Ferreira

    O mundo inteiro se encontra nesse canal, formando uma corrente de energias positivas…. Gratidão!

  23. Carmelo Zumbo

    Grande pace interiore fa bene alla vita umana e alla nostra cultura mentale grazie di esistere viva 😊😊😊

  24. S B Baruah

    Greetings !! Music for body and spirit !! This sounds deeply soothing .Love its gentle rhythm.
    It reminds us '' Nature is the best
    physician. ''The winter images that
    you have portrayed in the video
    are breathtakingly beautiful. The
    slight variation in the tone ,later ,
    is wonderful .Love it . Goodwishes N blessings ..🙏👌👌👌👍👍👍🌻🌺⚘🌷🌼🌿🍁🌼✡☯️☮💖💖💖💖

  25. Vegan Buddhist Girl

    Simply magical 💚🙏🏻💜 Happy 2020. Peace and love to all 💜🌲🌹🌷🦋

  26. Сергей Городинец

    Когда уже вовсе остынет квартира
    И я позабуду твой запах духов
    Когда ты мне будешь чужой и не милой
    И я тебе буду не мил и чужой

    Когда за окном все осыпятся листья
    И небо затянет ненастною мглой
    Когда наконец то все старые письма
    Я выброшу прочь, не болея тобой

    Когда позабудутся первые встречи
    И каждый из нас будет сам по себе
    Последним дыханьем задую я свечи
    В покое ночном, позабыв о тебе 
    Городинец Сергей ©

    Не забудьте послушать в аудио версии у меня на ютуб канале

  27. Alberto


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