Relaxing Sleep Music – Stress Relief, Relaxing Music, Deep Sleeping Music, Meditation Music

Relax sleep music with beautiful natural videos. This relaxed music is made up of Peder B. Helland and can be used as a deep sleep music, meditation…

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  1. Soothing Relaxation

    From where are you listening to this sleep music? Good night from Norway! 😊

  2. the restored couple

    Love this!

  3. Mhairi Doherty

    STOP reading the comments and go to sleep😴😴
    From Toronto Canada

  4. Leighton Monica Guinoo

    Thank you so much for letting me sleep early for my class I love this music ❤️
    Love from Philippines 🇵🇭

  5. Greg Holmes

    luv it!! Central Australia

  6. Wild Playzz

    I’m from jamaica where are all my jamaica friends at?

  7. Rachel Fernandez


  8. Daniel Petit

    There's terrible hiss on this recording. Not up to your usual standard.

  9. UnHa Kim

    From South Korea. Thank you!

  10. Michael Casarez

    2:10 I saw that in my science notebook!

  11. Abri EL Music

    Relaxing your Mind to hear beautiful sings of he Soul. Breath and smile to enjoy this magical day.

  12. No Copyright Sound Tracks

    Beautiful & Relaxing Sounds

  13. Deborah De Groot

    Alberta, Canada

  14. jonathan hansen


  15. Mixtli Diaz

    Me tired 😴

  16. Carmen Xie

    Thanks for this this is so realaxing

  17. toiletseat44

    Hello and goodnight from London England

  18. Tasia Roper

    I like to use this music when I'm stressed or overwhelmed

  19. Nguyễn Hoàng Duy

    love it it make me easy when study from Vietnam with love

  20. iman khalili


  21. Simply Me

    So peaceful 😊 Atlanta GA

  22. fluffy mangle

    life can make us very tired sometimes…♡ take a seat, close your eyes, and listen to this beautiful music♡ it will help you calm down♡

  23. name

    Thank you for this, right now i am having a panic/anxiety attack and this helps me

  24. YourLocalSadboi Mobile

    Awesome video,love From Saudi Arab-*Yawn*Zzzzz

  25. Anna Van Schaijk

    Goodnight from France, this is really helping me drown out the house music playing just outside my window in the middle of the night 😩

  26. Shakera Williams

    Relaxing from North Carolina, I fell asleep before work to this

  27. Sylvia, Joseph

    Schöne Video,s und Melodien gehn um die Welt. Danke.💖

  28. yongseung21

    음악보다 영상이 너무좋아서 눈으로 힐링하네요..

  29. Claudia Flores-Hernandez

    Cant help but to think that this beautiful world of ours is slowly deteriorating 🙁

  30. Compiled

    Did anyone notice the arabic text in that lake on 2:11 , or I'm the only one😂

  31. Implementation Is The key


  32. Jelly

    from Oregon

  33. Людмила Никитина

    Мелодия заставила вспомнить ушедших близких…
    И напомнила о скоротечности нашего бытия )))

  34. huei chih tung

    So relaxing and calm, best regards from Taiwan.

  35. Trevor Hawkins

    Thank you from the UK 😊 🇬🇧

  36. Will Retallick

    The people who disliked can’t make music this beautiful, thank you peder🙏

  37. michael vainer

    Is looks really nice !

  38. Martinez Colombia

    قسنطينة ❤💚

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