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  1. Laura O'Chamney

    China could sell its products to other countries in Europe or Africa, but always remember that America is the largest economy/market in the world. Also, China continues saying it's confusing when it comes to trade deal with the US, but continuing to steal American jobs and technology surprisingly doesn't confuse China at all. Let's get this straight! The US GDP has reached $23 trillion, and the total amount of money from the US exports each year to China, is about $170 billion, which is NOTHING compared to US GDP of $23 trillion. It's in fact less than 1% of the US GDP or 0.74% to be exact, so what's the big deal about the trade deal with China? Stopping the trade deal with China and imposing tougher and higher tariffs on Chinese goods is the right thing to do for our country and for us all. The fact that our trade deal with China accounting for a tiny fraction of our GDP, has not benefited our economy AT ALL. America is doing just fine, with or without China and our history said it all.

  2. michael jordan

    Becky Quick is so beautiful. She aged like a fine wine

  3. JAY JAY

    Why can't they just sit down and negotiate? Why can't they create some sort of deal that which they can agree with? No question about it, get something on paper so the two sides can say at least we have this, this is what we have as a foundational principle between the pact. Not necessary a trade agreement. But let's just agree to this and that. Ok and we will work from there. No, but that is not what this is about. It does not have anything to do with agriculture purchases of U.S. products of soybeans and everything going back to China. No, this is about hegemony, this is about creating something that can't be put on paper.

  4. Ni Ca

    Scheer new prime Minister will not sign usmca will not ratify

  5. svtrader

    Bring this clown back when there is no deal.

  6. Frank William

    Leave the president out of it he says

  7. spodacus

    This is the filler we get while we wait for the next tweet storm.

  8. thomas 71

    USMCA is Trumps NAFDA 2.0 with a name change. I’d like to see Congress vote against USMCA. America can’t afford not to take Trump down!

  9. Dan Kuo

    Democrats are doing everything to derail the Trump administration, still sour from 2016 loss, including tanking the economy to regain political power. Sad outlook for a political party that will eat its young, the american people, to regain power. Meanwhile, Trump is reversing years of perverse and misguided trade policies that have eroded the livelihood of the american worker in favor of crony capitalist in wall street that have fueled China's manufacturing. On the bright side, Trump has turned the economy around with the highest employment in the US and energized consumer and business confidence. Yet, mainstream media is pushing a narrative to erode and tank the economy.

  10. Anon

    From Business Insider Singapore today: ‘Everyone has forgotten about why Donald Trump can’t win a trade war with China’…
    “In all the chaos of markets convulsing and tariffs rising, it’s been easy to forget the main objectives of the US’s trade war with China. And in doing so, it’s easy to forget that those objectives are at odds with one another. On one hand you have USTR Robert Lighthizer and his stated aim of turning China into a market-based economy. On the other hand you have Donald Trump, a populist obsessed with forcing China to buy more goods – a market distorting demand. This inconsistency has seriously hurt negotiations, and contributed to putting China in a position where it cannot simply lose to Donald Trump. Under these conditions a stalemate is the best we hope for…
    …“There’s no deal to make,” Anne Stevenson-Yang, founder of China focused investment firm J Capital Markets told Business Insider. “Everyone is going through a pantomime for the markets. It’s super stupid that the markets believe it.””

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