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  1. FangPing Zhao

    Fake hanfu=fake Gucci(a fake copy)

  2. Linda Sue Sharma

    Yumi .. this dress is beautiful ! Whether it is “ correct “ or not does no take away from its beauty . You look so beautiful wearing it ! Just like a Chinese princess ! I LOVE THE MUSIC also .💞💕 I love you Yumi 😍

  3. Yumi 2412

    Oh my god. I was watching one of your old video, then this video, and your English is so good now~

  4. JJ KK


  5. Yao_Dang

    Can you do a Yuri on Ice inspired DIY please?

  6. Thuỳ Trang

    Where are you from yumi king ?

  7. Aurewenn ROUILLE

    I love the music you put in background, so relaxing ♡ thanks Yumi ^-^'

  8. QueenBee

    watching this video and thinking back to per say 'My night routine 2016' video, in comparison, you have grown so much!!!! You where adorable then and you are beautiful now. also, happy to see a diy ❤👏👏👏

  9. Keyara Thashini

    You are so cuteee

  10. woman

    What sewing machine is that?

  11. Violet Star

    OMG, yumi king your clothes are so adorable 👍🏼𗀂𗀃

  12. mthklf

    Yumi is literally the only person I can learn sewing tips from. She just makes it make so much sense!

  13. Neko Missy

    Nyan ! A sewing video <3 !!! I love your recent vlogs, but I missed sewing videos !

  14. ننوناية *


  15. Emese Tóth

    Yesss a DIY video😍😍😍

  16. Silly Jas


  17. Chantae Lyston

    JuSt KiDdiNg

  18. Chantae Lyston

    OoOh fIrSt To CoMeNt

  19. Anonimowy Anonim

    It's beautiful, I wish I could wear it but I'm not Chinese.

  20. 《華生》姬月/奈


  21. Phoebe Bunce

    I've missed your sewing turorials!


    Yumi your English is getting better!! You go girl

  23. neko tina

    You are sewing inthe right side of the fabric, instead try in the wrong side of the fabric, plus if ypu pin it verticaly instead of horizontaly, you can sew with the pins on. For the cleave thimg next time try the dress on before sewing, the pin the black thing wherever you wanted to start it.
    Thanks for your video, i never knew that there are a lot of etnics in china, super interesting!
    Keep going! Ando if you have a sewing questiin feel free toask
    Plus tip: there are a specialthread, in my country is called hilo de hilvanar (im spanish) that its used to kinda sew the pieces togueter before sewing it in the machine (kinda like the pins) and i personaly prefer that because it get the fabrics better, but if you dont wanna use it, or u cant find it, try putting a lot of pins and pit them verticaly and dont get a lot of fabric in them, because they will move.

  24. neko tina

    You forgot the seam allowence

  25. Brenda GILLIES

    I think she means the dress is a "fake" Chinese hanook?

  26. MitziiztiM

    This looks beautiful!! 😍💜💖

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