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  1. James Skelton

    stand strong HONG KONG…

  2. nalvar82

    Patriots are with you Hong Kong! Prayers for your courage and safety.🙏WWG1WGA🌍🇺🇸

  3. DXD 2018

    Cool, … peace ful like Tibet, East Turkestan?

  4. Donkey Kong

    Tempest in a tea cup.

  5. Jammy joe

    National guard, not military.

  6. marcelino Perez

    The CIA pushes the protests and America gives advice. I'm dying of laughter, no, I'm crying.

  7. Medi Roquai

    Fake statement by trump, Riots sponsored by US taxpayers 🍺😎🍿

  8. Terry Moore

    This is not good, China is building a silk road with countries like Russia.. No one wants to see a government being aggressive with the people, Russia will need to speak up about this !

  9. Si Simons

    just a thought , what if we would issue asylum visa's for all the true FREEDOM BASED peoples of HONG KONG to immigrate right now – (absolutely and truly verified of course ) , but not the red tape parade like liberals/cabal/dems do currently – surely these people actually have a CLEAR and PRESENT danger from mainland china , a proven totalitarian regime who kill their own people daily ,, and ABSOLUTELY THE EXACT OPPOSITE of 90 % of our illegal border crossers claiming asylum where i live in TEXAS , i ask all does this not make sense ? come'on EVERYBODY , just think of the intellectual property they would bring for the greater good of the U.S.A .

  10. Linda Green

    Looks like the beginnings of another Tianenmon Square.

  11. Judas Priest


  12. Si Simons

    i am sorry to say , not in any overt or direct action,, that we have failed hong kong at this moment in time , let us be supportive forward of this hopefully , they have as many or more flags flying the trump/freedom slogans as we have , please let us not dismiss a call for help . a texan .

  13. Lava LifeGuard

    Love the lazer pens, but I see another Tiananmen Square about to happen!

  14. gerry etheridge

    Here is how it going to be. China will expell all foreign journalist, execute a media blackout. Then move in the troops and that will be the violent end to any uprising. You expect any less from a totalitarian communist regime and you are just lying to yourself.

  15. paul barnes

    haha criminal underclass? people who dont want to be under the communist boot you mean! same old rhetoric from the communist dictators
    hong kong could bring down the whole pack of cards

  16. Benjamin Peters

    They will murder their own people.

  17. BigSmartArmed

    I didn't hear China or Russia calling on Trump to stop Antifa bashing peoples heads open in Portland but hey, some people are just civilized enough to stay other other peoples business.

  18. Karen Long

    I'm praying for the people of Hong Kong. Keep the China military out of this. Because the people want democracy, not be under the Communist regime.

  19. dane kelly

    fire on the troops……..from the air…………

  20. Arian White

    Why do they continue to call themselves a Communist country anymore? Everybody and his brother can see that they are hyper-Capitalists – they produce EVERY damned thing!!

    Call them what they are:
    An autocratic regime.

  21. Jubeidono2012

    Do they know protesting against the government brings their social credit score down?

  22. Johnny Faber

    Import the people of Hong Kong and export the commie dems to take their place.

  23. Capt. Tripps

    Great reporting. Keep the updates coming. Your channel is the only real news around. Stick to the it and you’ll be the top. No Propaganda, No Fake News!

  24. yson fesoa

    This is not true,China never move troops to HK!

  25. peter quenter

    Well, I for one, would very much love to see the Chinesegvmt leaders be exposed as weak and incapable and utterly out of date and out of touch with the realities of how decent respectful peaceful moral and ethical human beings think and act in mutual cooperation with each other !
    How many more times must it be proven that socialism-communism-fascism.. all collectivist- individualism-denying ideologies are destructive to peaceful and creative and productive humanity and to the flourishing of civil society !
    Out out out you selfserving power-lusting evil rulers!

  26. Analytical Chick

    I'm pretty shocked that the UN is on the right side of history this time. I hope it's not just lip service.

  27. Ferdinand Tomas

    Tiananmen x 100 now

  28. Jeff Strange

    Look, Hong Kong belongs to China, they are not separatists. I can understand their objections against trials out of state and Beijing should realize that too. In the end, they belong to China and no one else.

  29. Max 1Billion

    Give me liberty, or give me death.

  30. satanicsupersoldier

    We can ship them support! Hong Kong wants a divorce and it would be very good to see it happen.

  31. United we Stand

    The Democrats are trying to start a war, and get people killed.
    China wont allow this chit for long.

  32. Julia Wild

    Sorry…but this is scary!

  33. Duane Lawrence

    Never never never give up our rights to bear arms!!!✌🇺🇸

  34. BearArt

    Narrator – "facts without opinions"
    ??????????? What is this honest reporting. lol, love OAN

  35. Dona Herndon

    Let China deal with their own.
    No more wars.

  36. Victor Olvera

    I will use this comment to discuss a strategy for China to take control of HK with the least violence.
    Being an important city; it is critical that after they take control, HK is able to maintain business as usual. Or at least maintain most of its value (most of its global economic functions).

    Ok, China brought a lot of armored vehicles sooo I suppose China will scatter them across the city. They will serve as strong holds (forts of sorts). They will create a matrix and try to restrict movement, enforce martial law, keep people under house arrest.

    Communications is a priority. So they might secure those before they start the clamp down. When the clamp down begins they will enforce a media blackout. (no internet, cell phones won't work)

    Defiance will be out in the open at first. Their first objective would be to neutralize the defiance non-violently. So I suppose they will exercise a strategy for mass arrests. These aren't HK law arrests. These would be martial law arrests until the defiance stops. They will use certain buildings are temporary prisons. A type of concentration camps. If they are successful the defiance will become an underground resistance.

    The next step would be to conduct mass interviews. 1st objective to identify VIPs to keep the city running. 2nd objective would be to identify important people involved in the resistance. Communications will be restricted to need to use only, maybe they will have special SIM cards to issue.

    I dunno, I am not expert at this, but since they moved their troops I got curious about how could they do it and not look bad.

  37. ge st

    And this is our business, how?

  38. Robert Johnston

    China has a a LOT of reactionaries who oppose the Marxist Dream. They'll need a LOT of incinerators to get rid of the bodies.

  39. CORPORAL NO. G-1515 USAR


  40. Big Bang


  41. Rick Tata

    Nuke China off the face of the earth!!!!

  42. Steve Hall

    These are not peaceful protests and can not be ignored by their government, the US and UN need to stay out of their internal affairs.

  43. mag357man

    No Jesus, No Peace. The Chinese worship the dragon. Satan is the Red Dragon. No Love there…😸󾓦

  44. 7 77

    Communist Chinese cocksuckers, these people in Hong Kong are fighting for freedom

  45. Sharon Hudnall

    They going to shoot them like they did years ago?


    america must end

  47. blackquiver

    Communist is a communist..don't care how u sugar coat it..their problem..

  48. Kent S

    Are those green lasers? If so, are they being used against, or by the protesters?

  49. blackquiver

    Dems r watching this closely..so they can learn better socialist tactics

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