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  1. Shiba Inu

    #唔好deal佢 No deal!

  2. A O

    With all the provocations and showdowns by the US side prior to the talks, China does not need a deal anymore with the current US administration.

  3. John Gabriel

    I live and work in China. Would anyone be interested in watching vlogs about daily life here as a foreigner?

  4. Pan- Shot

    Please get a deal done!!!!!!

  5. Pan- Shot

    Fake news! They never planned to stay Friday


    Huawei doesn't need US licenses but US companies desperately need to do business with Huawei.

  7. Whitegirlasianpenis. com

    good work china, make more trading partners with other countries and ignore america. ignore america even when they beg for cheap toxic goods to replace the things when hurricanes and wildfires smashes them every year.

  8. akka

    What easing ban on Hauwei? Have a look at the latest Hauwei supply chain list. Hauwei is completely independent on US tech on its telco business as of late Sept and it's cellphone business on had only 5% US components in it now as of Oct. It doesn't need any US tech on it server business too. So the only thing that remains is the laptop business cause it's not worth developing a general purpose CPU to replace intel and AMD. Who needs US easing? LMAO!!!

  9. 肉红烧

    Some Trump loyalists believe this kind of uncertainty is the art of deal…..

  10. MrDuds1984

    Eunice is actually in the green room in New York

  11. MrDuds1984

    Eunice is actually in the green room in New York

  12. Edgar Edgar

    Only goes to show Eunice Yoon does not know Chinese. Had she checked Weibo, she wouldn't be as confused as she is as of press time.

  13. Roman Chan

    No worry, Trump need a deal no matter how minor it is

  14. Georgi Chh

    Wait. Is "Forced technology transfers" what is meant with "intellectual property theft"?

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