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  1. shibani mishra

    Sir next quiz kab hai?

  2. subhasish senapati

    Thank you sir…. your sessions are very good…

  3. Rashmi Neeta

    U r best teacher sir.thank you

  4. Cute Bunny

    Hello sir this is my first time I'm asking something on unacademy I hope you will answer for sure

    My question is –
    Why she can't take pills during menstrual cycle, during her periods?
    and why starting of bleeding is considered as day 1 of cycle rather than after ending of period completely as a fresh start that can also be taken?

  5. Lalit Joshi

    What is the reason behind not using OCP for contact lens using female…

  6. Lalit Joshi

    Such a concise and well explained lecture…

  7. Nikhat Choudhari

    Jazakallah sir

  8. Aparna Kumari

    Good afternoon sir,

    Usint ocps if ovulation does not occur how can menstruation occur?

  9. Shafaque Naaz

    Thank you so much Sir ji for awesome explanations 💝💝💝🙏🙏🙏✌️✌️✌️✌️

  10. Harsh Tiwari

    Sir mujhe biology hamesa boring lagti thi. Lekin sir jab se aap se padh rhe hai. ek ke bajaay 3 lecture dekh lete hai bina bore huye❤️. Sir, your teaching style is superb, amazing, fabulous, i don't have word to express my feelings. sir you are best teacher ever by in my life.

    ❤️ Thank you Sir❤️

  11. Sangeeta Kuhwaha

    Lot knowledge sir

  12. harsh kr Singh

    Why hypodermis of monocots is sclerenchymatous????

  13. Mukesh Singh

    Best teacher all over India.. very very thanks sir

  14. papa Kumar

    Sir your explanation is very unique and special

  15. Suman Jat

    Hello sir ji. Sir neet and AIIMS me contraceptive pills ke related kese question aate he


    Thanks sir for this beautiful lecture

  17. Mridul Srivastava

    Charan sparsh sir ji.
    I am from uttar pradesh.
    Sir I have a biggest problem in time management…..
    Because I am a 11th student and I have to take regular school classes, and I am not taking any coachings….
    I am totally dependent on you and Unacademy for neet preparations.
    But sir I have to go school which is 25km away from my town…

    And I have to leave home at 7 morning and at noon I reach my home at 3:00

    Then I get totally feed up and feel tired and then I have too much home work… Then, some days I misses your classes and I fail in maintaining a regularity…
    So tell me how I can balance my self between school and Unacademy…….

    And thanks a lot for your help you are doing a great job….
    Hats off to you and team Unacademy…
    Lots of love, ❤️😘

  18. akash jaiswal

    Thankkkk so much sir for this wonderful lecture…👌👌🙏🙏
    I'm dropper but sir there are many point which I studied 1st time..
    सर..मैं बस ये कहना चाहता हूँ..
    अब लगता है अपना हर मुकाम हासिल कर सकता हूँ..
    आप अगर साथ है तो आपने हिस्से का आसमान हासिल कर सकता हूँ..
    🙏🙏thanks once again sir..

  19. Nikhilesh Nishad

    Thank u sir

  20. Mudassir Hussain

    Sir why implants can't be planted in lower limbs ?

  21. Khushi Kumari

    Sir I installed Telegram app but it's not allowing me to send msgs to your Neet group… Is there any other way to connect with you sir… Plz help me out…✋😊🙏

  22. Niharika Dubey

    sir plz explain difference between coitus reservatus and coitus interruptus

  23. Harshit Mathur

    Sachin sir you are greatest

  24. Sanjana Patil

    Wonderful teaching sir

  25. Parwati Rubbel

    Sirr roj live session sare subjects kk,,, schedule kya hhhh…😒😒😒😒 mjhee malumm nhi chltaaa….

  26. Varshank Pathak


  27. Varshank Pathak

    Very well explained sir thank you for wonderful explaination

  28. Puja Kumari

    sir I must say unacademy is best.Your way of teaching is very good,you are best sir.Aaj ke pehle mere biology ke concept itne clear nhi hua the.Sir I am going to join plus course soon.


    Sir in vasectomy, sperm occurs in seminal fluid or not? And in epididymis also?

  30. Prince Rai

    can anyone say me where can i find videos of IUD?? i don't get it so……..


    Nice sir jiii

  32. aboni mahata

    Sir aphe mahare Liya Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan, I waiting for you autograph…

  33. Aakriti Beniwal

    Sir when will you start genetics unit

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