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  1. easy money

    How many times now has Trump said something stupid and his cadre have defended him by saying, "Aw, he was just joking. He likes to bait the press!" Okay, but smile when you say that, Donald……

  2. Stan M

    3 amigo's – silly people


    will china, the Ukraine, and Australia offer any loyalty to obama/biden/clinton after 8 years of their fraud, corruption and lies fleeced their people?

  4. Robert Howard

    "I believe Donald Trump as our nominee is going to shatter and fracture the Republican Party and the conservative movement." Marco Rubio – 2016

  5. Jim Christl

    I didnt vote for trump, I dont like or respect trump but we all know impeachment will go no where. Let's make sure to vote him out, that's the only real chance of removing the cancer.

  6. Raymond Payette

    Actially it's Jim Jordan that's a big joke. The kind that isn't funny.

  7. Varekai Ascendant

    My, my what short limited memories some of us have, does ''RUSSIA IF YOU'RE LISTENING'' ring a bell.
    Trump Ha! Ha! was supposedly joking about that too………….

  8. ruok bitch

    China wont investigate Joe Biden not because Trump wasn't serious but China is powerful enough to reject him not like Ukraine

  9. Jim Titus

    Jordan lost his jacket, and now he's losing his hair.
    Nice combover Gym.

  10. huckle berry

    The fbi and doj need to investigate dems crimes.

  11. Man of Mu

    George Shitontopolheis dickheads r us 🥁 drum up garbage infotainment

  12. cherrocco berry

    These ppl are rotten tomatoes just pitiful. If Obama said it or even did it . Now it was a joke just like the Russia if your are listening. Our Country has become the JOKE

  13. Michael Newell

    Of course they do! Because they're not interested in upholding the Constitution of the United States of America!. The GOP is the anti-American party.!

  14. Ace Moonshot

    However it was meant, he lost face by asking it publicly, joke or not.

  15. curtis grissom

    Better known as the bent over crew.

  16. tom ronollo

    Jordans looks like the joker— hehhehahahah yes a mad murderer tyhpe…. what a funny joke– sad really

  17. Drugs Are bad

    China is in bed with Obama and Clinton, so ill doubt that they will do anything.

  18. Mijemu mijemu

    It is a crime it doesn't what Republicans think of it, it is a crime.

  19. KRAKEN

    “He didn’t say what he said” what? Are you serious? This administration is without question nothing but a criminal dictatorship.

  20. Michael Lopez

    Reporter: Have you asked foreign leaders for any corruption investigations that don't involve your political opponents?

    Trump: You know, we would have to look.

  21. Marton Steve


  22. Linda Minton

    If the corruption happened in China, the Chinese should investigate. President Trump isn't doing anything the previous administration didn't already set a precedent for, at least he's not using the CIA and FBI for political propaganda manipulation like the previous administration.

  23. I want some breakfast

    “Whistleblower” must have polled very well with dumbass democrat voters lol

  24. NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia

    Wait tell a Democratic President Jokingly dose it and will see the RepubliCON's Clowns fuc**ng outrage

  25. Jovon R.

    They want to downplay it but when he told Russia to find the email they went in and hack the DNC server so everything he says should be taken seriously

  26. mine own

    So now they're saying the trump just talks crap and is not to be believed, maybe they've seen the light.
    Or maybe they're saying that if you want to understand the trump you should consult the trump whisperer….
    Rubio , the doctor Doolittle of trump.
    Or maybe they're talking crap and the trump meant what he said.
    Check all that apply.

  27. Kip McEwen

    The FEC has declared that information is not a thing of value so Trump asking China for information on Biden does not violate US code.

    The US and Ukraine have a two decades old agreement that stipulates the president can look into matters of corruption so the president broke no laws.

  28. CommanderV

    Republicans will always be stupid cowards.

  29. Moises Guillen


  30. jannmutube

    — > OH sure. Trump didn't mean it just like he didn't mean it before he called Ukraine President Zelensky. I really hope voters in Ohio, Florida, Missouri, and California's 23 district kick these Trump sycophants out of office.

  31. Pinion325

    HACKERS if Ur listening🎉
    Please find pics/vids of Trump being shat upon💩
    Y'all know they exist👏

  32. anis jerbi

    The repubs are ridiculing themselves by still supporting this maniac, this is pure madness.

  33. ExPFC Wintergreen v2.0

    There are a lot of people in prison who swear they were “just joking”

  34. F Tremblay

    FUN ???? Not really saying ???? Bottom of the barrel excuses.

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