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  1. LaLa Johnson

    Why is Unites States set up so that the zip code you reside in determines what school your children will attend. Why are home taxes mostly used for the schools in that zip code. So if you live in a poverty stricken and high crime area, your children will get the worst American education it can provide. Without equal education in the USA for grades 1-8 at least—the poor areas have the worst school system in the USA. A fact, I lived it, I seen it. If you let someone use their zip code one can go to jail for 45 years. A mother should have the right to equal education and want the hoods to shrink, education is the way out. #education

  2. LaLa Johnson

    #democracy #whitehouse #freedom

  3. FractalsAndMore

    No rich person is truly self-made. Look at the example of Trump. He claimed to be self-made and he claimed that all he ever got was a loan of one million dollars. Now we know that hundreds of millions of dollars were transferred to him using shady methods to avoid paying any gift or inheritance taxes. Even if someone was not given millions, chances are that they were given extra-ordinary opportunities or other support that comes from being privileged and having connections.

    I will never read any replies due to other people's hostility.

  4. FractalsAndMore

    For years I have been trying to explain to people how I had been forced into the mental health system and then the penal system and then finally onto welfare most likely for life because there are zero economic opportunities and zero decent jobs for smart high school graduates here in America! All other people do is ignore me or try to contradict me or call me names or tell me some propaganda line about supposed laziness verses supposed hard work. I know what they are saying is lies and nonsense, and I have come to the conclusion that the population has been thoroughly brainwashed. Their goal in being abusive to me when I make my reasonable arguments is to try to make me feel like I am completely alone in my plight. They want to do this because making their victims feel alone has always been the modus operandi of the Nazi brainwashing method. However, this brainwashing method does not work on me because I have always been alone socially.

    I will watch this documentary called "Requiem for the American Dream" because I think it will shed some light on how and why the population has been thoroughly brainwashed to never listen to any reasonable arguments. I do not believe there is much hope that anyone who has been brainwashed can ever be de-brainwashed, but it can't hurt to know more about why this brainwashing has been done.

    I will not read any replies to this post due to the hostility, ignorance, and lies of others. If anyone has any legitimate questions or comments they can post something on one of my videos.

  5. MadMax™

    Dude needs to shave his nose. Looks like he's growing a cactus and shit.

  6. Stephanie B

    Thank God for Trump!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bobby Brady

    No socialist can appreciate the American Dream because the American Dream has nothing to do with what the government, or anyone else, should give you.

  8. Alden Buyer

    The only people who regard Chomsky as “the most important intellectual alive” are those who shares his far left ideologies.

  9. MrzRedbadger

    utter trash

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