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  1. Yeng Sabio

    As an agriculturist & farm animal production practitioner, I find the burial pit ill-prepared & a biohazard for the residents nearby. Such a place for containing dead animals must be far from residential sites & must be heavily secured to prevent entry of unwarranted people (including media personnel) & vehicles vehicles into the containment site.

    Kung ako ang magpapalibing ng mga baboy na iyan, dapat sa isang burial pit na may HDPE lining para maiwasan ang anumang seepage mula sa mga purifying carcasses na maaaring maka-contaminate sa lupa at sa mga water sources na malapit sa lugar. Such practice is a standard even in setting-up an open-pit sanitary landfill.

    The dead animals must also be disinfected with prescribed chemicals that can render the virus & other pathogens unable to further contaminate.

    Then the carcass will then be covered with soil amended with bokashi so that it will hasten decomposition thereafter & prevent production of methane, ammonia, & other stinky fumes from attracting flies & insects to the pit.

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