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  1. GOP War Room

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  2. Dennis Godaire

    Everyone knows that she's a clown

  3. matt m

    What a lying cunt. Smoke another doobie Kamala.

  4. dave best

    I got high smoking marijuana listen to Snoop Dogg.

  5. First Last

    You can tell Kamala wanted to choke her out.

  6. Mtl Mike

    Why are all these old ass white people asking me questions!

  7. nick

    Tulsi Gabbard 2020

  8. DrCognitive

    When a politician says, "I promise you" you can be certain you're going to get screwed. Never trust a promise from these snakes. Many Republicans and all Democrat politicians are career liars.

  9. Desi M

    We get many people who come into ER who don't health insurance. Funny, because this is true even after ACA and before Trump.

  10. joe momma

    Could you imagine what it wouls be like of the politicians were americans…who live American lives
    ..working hard…tsking care of pur own families with money provided through work. The anti American politicians we have now are nothing like the American working class citizen. They have no contact or connection with the true American working class citizen

  11. Okiepita50 T-town

    “I won’t mess with the healthcare that you have “. Let me see, where have we heard that before?

  12. Amy VandenHurk

    My husband is the only person in medical history known to have both Becker's Muscular Dystrophy and Multiple Sclerosis, he has scoliosis and kyphosis as well as osteoarthritis of the spine. He is absolutely content with his healthcare. From the $34,000 dollar zero gravity power wheelchair to the $140,000 dollar a year medicine to be alive. You have no clue how much it would hurt people like my husband.

  13. Jeff Lectka

    Strangest thing. This poor woman got suicided after this video was released….

  14. James

    I don’t trust this women and I’m a democrat.

  15. A T-S

    Medicare is a socialistic venue for the elderly. Why shouldn't the working person have affordable healthcare? For being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the USA should hang their head with shame at the way they "care" for the working class people.

  16. david drake

    Blatant pandering by a third-tier candidate.

  17. L Loc

    Meanwhile none of you can afford to pay a deductible before 100% of your benefits kick in. If you got cancer then 95% of you all would need to start gofundme pages. You're getting your just desserts. Old ass woman is on Medicare, and she gets all of her shit took care of while she's in the terminal years of her life. It's too late, you guys already have socialized healthcare, so stop shitting your pants when someone tries to extend the coverage.

  18. Ray Lira

    That old women didn't "call out" Kamala. This video is a fucking joke!

  19. Jerry Parker

    Truth to Kamala Harris is like sunlight to a vampire!

  20. It's A Right

    it would have been better to get Koala out of there fast with one question..
    why did you suppress DNA evidence for a innocent man sitting on death row?

  21. KaiKAI Alexander


  22. Jim Marquez-Medina

    My money is on the old girl 💯

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