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  1. nugget !!! nugget

    Not IFE screen ?

  2. Beata G

    Polska wszędzie.

  3. Quadruple Prop

    If you flew on the Air China Boeing 787-9, you would change the way you think about Air China, the aircraft is new, clean and comfortable. The crew are also really nice and friendly, keep up with the great videos.

  4. Mitch G

    Loud noise was because the plane was accelerating to a higher altitude

  5. timsedmunds

    Josh, I've asked you this a few times but I still don't know the answer. WHY . . . why do you NOT show the very best bit of any flight, especially us AVGEEKS, and that is the actual takeoff, the beautiful engine sounds? Please try to answer this time? I really LOVE watching all of your reviews infact your definitely my best favourite of all, yes, the best! Last thing I think I must be one of if not the top fan! (That'll cause a stink!) Take care and " fly safe." Tim Edmunds.

    1 minute ago

  6. Kristjan Renegado

    I’m asking deos air China have tv on the seat bc i have never been on air China

  7. Klas Eriksson

    Nice video, I try to stay away from CA after getting sick on 2 flights with them over the latest years, however their fares are often low.

  8. widget787

    Could be stepclimb or just climbing to a higher flight level, ordered by ATC. (The suddenly roaring engines).

  9. jose lora

    best airline to travel for Far East could be Japan air Korea and Singapore we can mention Eva from Taipei and cathay and low budget airline we can mention air Asia

  10. jose lora

    we took a fly from jfk airport to Beijing, I was so disappoint with arching air Korea it is som much better that airchina

  11. msbrownbeast

    Does anyone know what is the actual policy of Air China regarding the carry-on luggage weight limits? It seems there is conflicting information from what is found on their website, and what is told on the phone with their customer service.

  12. msbrownbeast

    The Mandarin Hotel is nice. Isn't it the same hotel that the late Leslie Cheung jumped off of? This was over 15 years ago.

  13. Cyril Subing Subing

    I recently flew with Air China and this is my flight experience with them.
    Just click the link to watch the video. https://youtu.be/bQ2uub3OBDE

  14. andy luo

    Air China doesn’t have A380

  15. Ray Stev

    the worst review i have ever seen …the first half just bla bla and than not even a good review of the flight nor the food …meeeh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  16. The Positive Practice

    Hmmmm, I’m thinking of booking a return with Air China from Brisbane to London but… not sure their aircrafts are comfy enough for 24 hours from the look of it 😬😬

  17. Clairebear Eats

    i wish it was that empty when i travel, would be so nice

  18. Turtle

    Climate change is happening because of guys like you…

  19. •.ʚ ᴍɪʏʀᴜᴋɪɪᴇ ɞ.•

    I really don’t get why the Air China engines are so loud xD I’ve been on many Air China flights (considering I’m a chinese person) sometimes they aren’t that loud but still kinda loud lol I’ve been on a flight on Air China plane that was made in 12th July 2018 so it was a lot more clean and fancy xD (and plus the engine was a lot quieter)

  20. Diarmaid Dillon

    The noise was probably the plane climbing to a slightly higher flight level

  21. First Last

    nice vid, but man please invest on a new camera. the distortion is just painful to watch (go pro I'm guessing?)

  22. Valerie Mc Phail

    Ohhhhh! So THAT'S what a Polish/Australian accent sounds like! 😅😂

  23. Thor Valkyrie


  24. II. Gyula

    Air China, they are better for international flights than domestic flights, IMO. Never had problems with them, however the IFE is one of the worst. 😂

  25. Bushangels

    The reason why China's Big Three have pretty much all types of planes is because lots of their purchases were political. Almost every Chinese president's visit to Europe or US would bring back plane orders. The practice has been going on for decades. However, if you fly smaller or private Chinese carriers, you will see much less models. Sichuan Airlines have over 100 Airbus aircrafts, while Xiamen only flies Boeing.

  26. first last

    Best customer service, best of everything we had was at air China airlines. We will definitely ride again there.

  27. Kourt kourt

    Does anyone know if they weigh your carry on. I can’t seem to get my book bag down to 11pounds 🙄

  28. Stephanie Wang

    AirChina is totally fucking garbage, customer service is so bad and fucking rude. When my flight was cancelled, I tried to contact them to deal with the problem at the airport, they weren’t not help you ,but attitude to me , then we stayed at airport 28h . Fucking AirChina , never ever take AirChina

  29. Priyank Gupta

    You like it all alone . Isn't it ?

  30. s

    I remember a flight with air China in economy Stockholm to Beijing, almost nobody on the plane and I got to sleep on the 4 seats in the middle row.

  31. Diosdado Santiago

    Air China the worst airline I've flown. Flight attendants could hardly speak any English, timid, and I'm sure were taught to never smile. They never tidy up the toilets. Wehad one year old baby with us and of course we didnt bring enough bottles ok milk with us. I asked one of the flight attendants for some milk and she said they have none on board. You would think they would knowing knowing there are children of all ages on board. Flight from Los Angeles to Beijing. No more Air China for me and my family.

  32. mayo cruz

    No TV???

  33. Matthew Brown

    Just to pitch in, it can depend what inflight entertainment you get.

    I'm a frequent flyer of Air China in both Economy and Business. Long haul Air China on the A330 you always have your own personal tv screen in economy with pillow and blanket etc.

    On domestic routes and short A330 flights they will use sometimes the older planes with no IFE. When I flew on the A330 actually in economy from Hong Kong to Beijing it was on a newer A330 with personal tv screens and blankets. Just depends 🙂 on long haul you will always get a newer plane though!

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