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  1. Coolboy Knight

    i want ricegum to be roasted by jschlatt with funny mic

  2. ellamo

    1.1likes 12 dislikes

  3. Coaster Industry

    This is a fire song stop hating

  4. naghelle bardon

    Mother love long time long tiiiiiime!!

  5. PFG Yuv1e

    0.54 acting like he’s in a Rolls Royce

  6. Yeti Gaming

    This dude got more dislikes than likes

  7. S A D B O I

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. мυzzιε

    Didnt know you can age so fast in 5 years

  9. Derpy devil LOL sayar

    rice gum more like rice CUM HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHA COMEDY

  10. cringey potato F

    Hes mostly talking about himself

  11. Ursh KHARBANDA

    this getting 1.1m likes is absolutely disappointing,

    wow 7 year olds

  12. Rebel Barnes

    Idubbz- has great roasts
    Ricegum- no. you look nerdy

  13. Gamezlmcgamer Ayala


  14. matsku linde

    Me sees video is this sucky fucky song

  15. Kimaria Jackson

    people hating this diss but hes telling yall why he flexs alot and giving points his self

  16. Name

    Idubzz: makes a good diss track, documents the process with the people he collaborated with, took a large part in writing
    Ricegum: has a ghost writer and only says the lyrics and does a mv — still rhymes mansion with mansion

  17. Anonymous

    is that the faze house

  18. Chip and Biscuit

    NWA Intensifies.
    for those who don't know

    n.w.a made

    F*** the police

  19. Gibralski

    Did this dude just rhyme mansion with mansion?

  20. alex the great

    “Bill Gates face”

    I see that as a compliment.

  21. FifaDrills

    he looks like a ass tbh

  22. Tori 13 Brown

    AYYYEEEE this song still fire af till this day!!!!🔥🔥😆
    Damn thanks rice for this fire ass song❤️🔥

  23. Bobby Damron

    This asian boi can't rap he needs to go back to asia

  24. Joe X

    This song really isn't good, isn't it?

  25. Stuart Little Genocide


  26. blaize_ games

    Ricegum flexes the money 5 year olds gave to him

  27. Minh Tran Vu

    sucky sucky long time long time

  28. shook

    what the fuck am I watching

  29. Big Chungus

    Your so bad rice gum did it feel good to

  30. Jaxon Daly

    This song is just Ricegum confirming everything Idubbz says.

  31. Richard Milosevich

    Sucky sucky sucky long time long time fucky fucky fucky sucky sucky long time long time

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