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  1. ProSocial Pessimist

    Toxic masculinity.

  2. Custom Made Name

    This Harriet person blames young people for being the way that she sees them. Violent people don't belong, and they're not created by this stuff. I've watched the whole video and am frustrated.

  3. My best friend was a Chick Girl

    Normalized Insanity

    I’m a transistorized, transgenederized, transmogrified trans-human

    A corporatized, commercialized, industrial-strength consumer

    A goal setting, gym sweating, debt fretting freak

    A social climbing net-worker that’s always on heat

    I got my education, majoring in indoctrination

    Where they taught me to comply, to never question why

    And so I’m chasing an illusion, of success that’s a delusion

    That is sending me insane, exploding my brain

    And as we teeter on the brink, soon to be extinct

    I always wear a smile, coz' I'm living in denial.

  4. Will you'll have a discord server or subreddit anytime soon?

  5. Markus Reynolds

    I must missed the color part ⏮ wow I guess not…ESAU COVER UP

  6. mxt mxt

    Employment provides a basic income. That's a crucial issue.

  7. Mori KTSB

    signal boost for Dr. Fraad

  8. Frost

    I’m 27. I don’t have a future. Every jobs I’ve had even with a college degree either doesn’t pay or has extremist automation on the way to destroy me. People tell me “your job doesn’t deserve to pay enough for you to live.” Well maybe I say enough with the suffering and kill em all. If people don’t care, if my life is worthless, if there is no future, than there is nothing to lose.

  9. Madasin !

    The Prison Of Your Mind
    By Sean Stephenson

    [We're all doing time in these walls, inside ]

    (As was also told within the walls of Ironwood State Prison (and many other such places presumably, including this TED talk)

    [ https://youtu.be/VaRO5-V1uK0 ]

    In brief:–Essence of Talk's Excerpts

    We are all doing time, how shall we spend that time?

    The prison of your mind

    1) Never believe a prediction that doesn't empower you.

    If you believe predictions that do not empower you, you will wither away and die, either physically die or your spirit will die as you just walk around the world like a carcass that is just following the masses…

    I have a belief that has served me in my life, and that is that everyone is rooting for me to win, even those that do not know it….

    I can tell you I am only an expert on one thing, and that’s how to be me, and I do it well. But it’s not come easily.

    We cannot pity ourselves, we cannot pity you

    You know what the worst drug that ever hit the human race is? Pity.

    The moment you feel sorry for another person, or the moment you feel sorry for yourself, you’re hosed. You’re totally, completely frozen in potential.

    2) You are not your condition. You’re not. You have to adapt to whatever environment you’re in, even if it’s prison…but [disability] does not define me as a man…

    And what does adaption look like? I think it looks like celebration…. Because when you meet people that are celebrating their life, you want to be around them, you want to learn from them, you want to do business with them, you want to hire them.

    That is an attitude — it is a belief in yourself that you bring value to the human race, no matter what your current condition, title, or stature is.

    I choose to be strong, I choose to be a leader, I choose to have WORDS TO MOVE THIS PLANET. I’ll tell you why I was born. And I hope it inspires you to FIND OUT WHY YOU WERE BORN.

    YOU ARE ENOUGH. I’ll tell you I’ve made a pledge as a therapist to love all human beings, no matter what they’ve done. Because deep down inside, I’ve found that EVERY HUMAN BEING JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED, even if they’re tough, even if they’re scary, even if they’re vicious.

    They want to be able to look in the mirror and love themselves. Bullying Yourself Is The Most Dangerous THING that you could do. YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO PITY YOURSELF, you cannot afford to bully yourself, you have to love yourself.

    We all have a mind that chatters, so often, it won’t stop chattering.

    [Your mind is] sending emotional possibilities, infinite possibilities of choice in our behavior, in our life, in our attitude.

    When you love yourself, when you learn to master your emotions, then and only then are you free.

    [Love others too]

    But what would Jesus do? What did He have to say about all of this?
    Well, what IS Love embodied?

    Why, just go to the source yourself!

    For "No man has ever seen, and no man can see or know, an external God."

    When in doubt, reread the Gospels In brief by Tolstoy. It helps keep your moral compass calibrated.

    The world's body of spirituality and philosophy overlap, a lot. Find out why– know and embody that common past and interlocking thread.

    Gospels In Brief Prologue, LeoTolstoy


    While this translation is adequate more versions including PDF and audio are available here as well.


    On the road again?
    Audiobook if Tolstoy's Gospels In Brief here:


    Not only Tolstoy, but so knew Dickens and Jefferson, each having produced their edit of the Gospels according to Jesus. Besides, who couldn't use a little help at a shot at dedemption? An opportunity. A tried and true narrative in a dark time filling with despair, muddled thinking, and misplace reactive passions?

    For example:


    The announcement from Christ…The understanding of life is this:

    The source of life is perfect goodness, and therefore human life is perfectly good in its nature. To understand the source of life, it is necessary to believe that our spirit, the life in man, came from this source. THE MAN, FORMERLY NOT LIVING, IS SUMMONED INTO LIFE BY THIS, HIS ORIGIN. This source of life appoints blessedness for man, because its own being is blessedness.

    To keep in harmony with the source of his life, a man must fix himself upon the one characteristic of this source which is comprehensible to him, and which finds blessedness in doing good.

    Therefore man's life must be devoted to this blessedness ; that is, to doing good from love. But we can find no objects of goodness other than men. All our own bodily desires are out of harmony with this principle of blessedness ; and therefore they, with all the life of the body, must be surrendered to the principle of blessedness, to active love to mankind…

    The confirmations of this understanding of life are twofold. One is, that when not accepted, the source of life seems to be an impostor, who gives to men an unsatisfied craving for life and blessedness. The other is, that man feels in his soul that love and goodness towards his fellow-men is the only true, free, eternal life.

    This is the announcement of the understanding of life through which men have fellowship with the Father of life, and therefore have eternal life…The understanding of life is, that God is life and blessedness, and that in life and blessedness, death and evil do not exist.

    If we say that we are at one with God, while we feel we are living in evil and death, then either we are imposing upon ourselves, or we are not doing what we ought to do. Only by living the same life as His, do we become at one with Him. As a teacher of this life, we have Jesus Christ, the right-living. He freed us and all who will, from wrong-living. The proof that we know the teaching of Jesus Christ is, that we carry out his commandments. Anyone who says he knows the teaching of Jesus Christ, and does not keep his commandments, is a liar, and there is no truth in him. But the man who carries out his commandments has the love of God in him. Only through love can we know that we are at one with God. HE WHO SAYS HE IS AT ONE WITH JESUS CHRIST, MUST ALSO LIVE AS JESUS LIVED.

    He who says of himself that he is in life and blessedness, but hates his living brother-man, is not in life and blessedness, but in death and evil ; and he does not know what he is doing; he is blind, hating the life which is in himself also.

    To escape this blindness, a man must remember that everything in the world, in the earthly life, is the desire of the flesh, or vanity, and that all this is not from God. And that all this passes away, perishes. And that only he who does the will of God, which is love, endures for ever…

    Therefore remain in the knowledge that you are, in the spirit, sons of the Father, God, and you will have eternal life. God gives us the opportunity of being His sons, and like Himself. So that, in this present life, we become His sons…

    Maybe this brief book can help refresh people's sense of direction recalibrate the will and one's own sense of right thinking, eight intent and eight action?

    Now, is that so wrong?

    When it becomes easy to love your neighbor the act ceases to be a virtue.

    Virtue IS its own reward (don't seek admiration)

    Don't give up on yourself or others, you still have friends who love you especially when you feel you deserve happiness and can love yourself.

    We're all in this together. It really is all connected.

  10. Madasin !

    What a tremendous gift these two share!

    Men and women need to reflect upon this. It's a timely thoughtful intro to dialogue.

    It's brotherhood and sisterhood as well as binding and building ties within ones community and network that appear key to longevity, which implies wellness and joy amongst the longing living people's as seen in Blue Zones as studied, written and talked so much about thanks to a large part by Dan Buettner, eg,  The Blue Zones. Check out his Venn Diagram.

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Zone#/media/File:Vendiagram.gif" alt="评论" style="width:auto; height:auto" />

    Of course it helps to win the lottery and have two parents with the genes for longevity and to be born in the Right place at the right time but our actions count tremendously, especially collectively.

    -move naturally
    -right outlook (right thinking -right intentions right actions)
    -eat wisely

    From a book review/excerpt.

    …They confirmed the longevity numbers and found Ikarians also have less cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression and dementia than other parts of Europe, and men outlive women.

    In addition to eating a healthy Mediterranean diet (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, healthy fats and fish and seafood), there are other key habits and values embraced by the Ikaria inhabitants. He has seen those same habits in the other four Blue Zones: Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica; Loma Linda, Calif.; and Okinawa, Japan. The Blue Zones get their name from the blue pen used to draw circles on a map locating the areas.

    He' d like to draw a big blue circle around the entire USA. "I think this can really apply to Middle America,'' he says. He lives in Minneapolis and was walking while being interviewed on the phone for this story.

    The nine lessons:

    1. Move naturally. Don't do marathons or pump iron; work around the house, garden, walk, cycle, walk when talking on the phone.

    2. Know your purpose. Have a reason for waking up in the morning.

    3. Kick back. Find ways to shed stress, whether it's praying, napping or going to happy hour.

    4. Eat less. Stop eating when you are 80% full.

    5. Eat less meat. Beans are a cornerstone of most centenarians' diets.

    6. Drink in moderation. Only the Seventh-day Adventists in California didn't have one to two glasses a day.

    7. Have faith. Denomination doesn't seem to matter, but attending faith-based services (4 times a month) does.

    8. Power of love. Put families first, including committing to a partner and keeping aging parents and grandparents nearby.

    9. Stay social. Build a social network that supports healthy behaviors.



    And get a good consistently planned nightly sleep as often as possible–its The Cornerstone of right living, yet amongst the first to be sacrificed.

    "Sleep is your superpower | Matt Walker

    Perhaps we can improve our lack of ikigai– also consistent with Blue Zones lessons.


    Another illustration via Venn; enter Zen through it?


    Dr Dean Ornish has helped jumpstart a comprehensive reimbursable program for total wellness. After a life's work, one should be able to make their lessons clear to all who could pay attention:

    Eat just enough, mainly whole food plant based diet (WFPBD), stress less, love more and you may live longer better with less costs and debts (especially medical bankruptcy -another US hallmark).

    If you could reduce the cause of the number one chronic disease killer of average Americans, why would you not try this first?

    Dr. Ornish approach, is to embrace a dietary lifestyle that offers a spectrum of choices. If we look at our food choices each day as part of a spectrum of choices, then we feel free rather than constrained. If we indulge ourselves one day, we can eat more healthfully the next. To the degree we move in this direction on the food spectrum, we may lose weight, feel better, and gain health.


    The prolific lifesaver Dr Greger agrees:
    How Not To Die: The Role of Diet in Preventing, Arresting, and Reversing Our Top 15 Killers

    And if you can reverse heart disease, you'll have less obesity, diabetes, stroke, dementia cancer, suicide, grief debts anxiety and depression and violence structural and kinetic–its interrelated-a malady with a thousand faces.

    What do you expect when we have a culture and economy partly based upon violent death. Reform that one aspect also end endless wars, and we shall make America greater.

    What did humorist, activist and story teller par excellence Dick Gregory like to remind his audience about so often towards the end of his long full life and the secret to long and desirable marriage?
    Become more lovable!

    Want more love in life, which is about making oneself more lovable (as opposed to expecting people to love you as you are), without requiring admiration or need for reward, and thus, likely more socially appealing, as well. Good company–even in silence. Isn't it also about being able to routinely talk about what you know and remember about memories of pastimes–good con-vers-ation and adding to the rooms good vibe, feeling appreciated from sharing, and feeling worthy of happiness. I think this has something to do with morality and spirituality.

    But how else?

    But how?

    Nobody knows it better than ol' Ralph

    Ralph Nader-To the Ramparts


    Maybe with a little more free quality present minded time on our hands to create God like goodness within, to truly be one self-actualized, UNSELFISH aana young child with a big honest smile and their arms out and hands full to share all, and form
    one to embody that gift we all are born with, to become self empowered and integral to our world by sharing that gift, in the present, maybe this is a way forward?!

    But what if the greatest distance and most formidable barrier is several inches between your ears?
    "The Prison Of Your Mind" Are we all doing time in these walls, inside?

  11. TheFirearmEnthusiast

    A type of mental illness that would allow a man to kill innocent people? What illness is she talking about?

  12. Roy Vowels

    Capitalism makes me want to kill myself on a daily basis…

  13. 888Gypsy888

    I do not know how to take this one: the norm does not take a weapon and mows down people because they feel pain(psychological/physical) . These people are a menace to the rest of society!

  14. Na Na

    Hardcore Absolute Fact: When a living soul soul has " faith " in the physical world ( raw material realm of consumerism and cares about the false perceptions of others materialistic hands ), THEN your life will reak of endless stress, aggression, manipulation, deception, decay, and shallow relationships!

  15. Atom

    Is this an example of femsplaining? I mean tbh it sounds very similar from what I would expect from a Jordan Peterson.

    More nuanced and less religious… Definitely less lobsters… But it's still very conjecturey…

  16. Na Na

    Hardcore Absolute Fact: 0:30 This woman knows nothing! I am a male and I do NOT depend on money nor a woman in my life to be happy! When one establishes a genuine relationship with God ( I AM THAT I AM ) in the name of JESUS, …….ONLY then will their lives be in a state on contentment and yearning for spiritual matters!

  17. Augur Cybernaut

    For a man primary connection is woman…?
    Oooooh boy I’m not sure she got the memo

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