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  1. bakerfly305


  2. Shaun R

    Next level shit right here


    This shit hard af shout out dj paul.

  4. SixPence

    Riff covered the bet tat lol

  5. 13 dollars

    riff raff back

  6. Jaylen Herrera

    Pecan sedan!

  7. JMC31 Racing


  8. reloadwrecks

    Fell off. Been off!!. Stay off Raff!!!!!!!! Hang it up. Yo shit still sound like it was made on 2010. Style outta date.

  9. Brandon Sickles

    This joints not even a minuet n a half

  10. Double Cup

    Damn that was 🔥

  11. Brock Nichols

    Looking skinny but dangerous like me, riff. Old riff is back.

  12. Ryan Sundown

    I cant wait until Lime Green Tangerine Ferrari Limousine comes out

  13. Alex Kid

    fukn genius imagery by RiFF in this track

  14. freewaydeath

    He snapped on this 🔥

  15. Descola Bandz

    why dah fucc dey cut dah ding off?

  16. Lucifers Camcorder

    Imagine 2-3 of those verses on 1 track hotter than map gas

  17. Chris Calvert

    Iced out Mario mushroom!! 💯

  18. Rico Moolah

    Cocaine is a helluva a Drug Riff …😪😬😤💀⛄

  19. Darrell Gray

    Real question is how many product endorsements can you fit in a 2 minute music video


    RiFF keeps songs SHORT so we don't OVERDOSE!

  21. Manny Smokes a lot

    Kick back and relax while you fall off the map ZZzzzZZ

  22. Lando Dez

    Riff da mf'n 🐐

  23. MindBoggla

    Swag inventa.

  24. Justin Laluga

    when I heard this I spit out my Louie V Iced Tea and almost choked on my green Gucci goat cream cheese toast

  25. VQ industries

    I died reading the fucking title man…. this guy and his fucking words😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. SirCaptain Matlock

    “I’m super sober so I got a chip on my shoulder, loosing up my composure as I ride around smoking Cuban cobra with my Caribbean soldier. 🔥 Fires 🔥.

  27. The REAL PorkSosa TV


  28. The REAL PorkSosa TV


  29. Ghost Unlimited Gaming

    If he wasn't such a likable person, he would have never made it rapping. He's fucking terrible. haha

  30. The REAL PorkSosa TV


  31. The REAL PorkSosa TV


  32. The REAL PorkSosa TV


  33. Stephan Williams

    So he writes the best verse of his career and doesn't finish the song.

  34. George Pattis

    “Cuban cobra with my Caribbean soldiers that was” wtf dope line

  35. Chavez Gustus

    Dude is so dumb I can't tell if he's for real or playing

  36. William Quarles

    Dude always had flows..

  37. Drew Arnold

    What the fuck man. What the actual fuck. 😂See u Sat

  38. xSir_Cooperx

    BARS !!

  39. Tony Cuccia

    All hail the white Don King

  40. Glen F

    This shit is 🔥

  41. pbodys16

    Theo vahn?

  42. Formerly known as MR. POON_HUNT3R

    Riff Raff is the worst rapper ever but his shit always bumps hard as fuck hahahaha

  43. M Fagerström

    The Golden Child!

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