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  1. Slabbin Charlie

    Prisoners did something to get there. ( I know some people are wrongfully charged with crimes they did not commit). If it want choice and healthcare and to be in charge of your own, DONT BREAK THE LAWS!!!!!!! I don't feel bad for anyone in prison, they are just a number and a burden on society.

  2. Shiva's Chimera

    I dont like this ugly view of society.
    I dont want it on my screen EVER!
    I dont even want courtroom's anymore sam!

  3. This The Breaks

    All the events in this video is absolutely true . I've seen it first hand. Thousands and thousands of inmates are in the same position that this poor young lady was in.

  4. Curtis 23

    It's crazy how we treat these people. Just imagine when the cameras are not on


  5. Woah Now That's A Nice Meme

    What about the man that she and her boyfriend robbed at gunpoint.. Is he getting the mental health care that he needs..

  6. Russell Bublitz

    The Private Prison Industry needs to be OUTLAWED in the U.S.A. . LEGALIZED Human Trafficking must be ABOLISHED. !

  7. wesley rodgers

    Confinement is the punishment. They deserve proper mental health care.

  8. TheMegaelectronic

    While most young people can't afford healthcare, CBS wants you sympathize with criminals who get private healthcare.

  9. False Flag

    sympathy for criminals isn't normal.


    I can't watch this. I saw the beginning…where they forcibly carried the young lady to her cell and they put the young man in the spit hold and strapped him down then put him in a cell with a bench. And that's enough for me!

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