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    I really do not care if a bot or human tell me I have cancer ! I worry about having cancer most !

  2. L Jaw

    Jesus How do you give 39 pills to one patient, particularly a child, and not think maybe something was up? "Maybe I should check this before I give him this cartoonish level of antibiotics…ehh no, the machine told me to do this". These people are the ones that drive into lakes because their GPS was off a bit and said turn at the wrong time.

  3. CrippledCommie

    Jimmy is cool

  4. LOLO

    The catching up to the future, remember the Jetson cartoon😁😁😁

  5. Azure

    Wired = Weird

  6. Frankie Shaxted

    how do i unmute my ears?

  7. Zak Temple

    help i think im hard of hearing

  8. Frankie Shaxted

    i cant hear

  9. Zak Temple

    why cant i hear

  10. Harrison Hammond

    i cant hear

  11. stig gear

    "I can't see it replacing humans, because it doesn't give you hugs"

    -Some old lady, 2017

  12. Psuffix

    5:35 through the end really reminds me I need to see my grandparents more. There's still so much to learn from them, and mine are already in their 80s.

  13. Liz


  14. When Grapes Pop

    See, it's not about "doing a better job by handling and caring for more patients", it's about truly caring for each one. They cannot be loved by a machine, which is the part of humans that can't be changed.

  15. Kimberly Doan

    i clicked because i thought of baymax

  16. Jon Snow

    She wants that d at the end

  17. inquisitor 717

    I remember hearing about this a few year's ago, they was saying if it could work. I personally like a human doctor, but that's just me.

  18. Laurence Judd

    Strange how tech is taking over, in my opinion a good way and will help us in the long run. Good Vid. 🙂

  19. nonchalantd

    Making more of medical education self-study with an exam at the end of every self-study course would drastically reduce the cost of education and make it possible for more people to enter the medical profession and offer services at a lower price, while still paying service providers a good wage.

  20. Rage gang

    Do Adam Sandler reads web questims

  21. brad b

    #hillaryshealth = ) #lockherup = ) #GAB = )

  22. Audrey H

    This is one of the most depressing things I've ever seen. It reminds me of an article I read a few years ago about computer interface psychology, where a program would try to 'guide you' through CBT. A woman quoted said having a computer tell her why her life 'had meaning' made her more depressed than she's ever been.

    I'm also quite tired of these people in highly skilled jobs, who have no risk of being replaced in their lifetime, telling us these things are only going to 'augment' the skills humans already have. Why don't you go and tell that to all the Uber drivers?

  23. Don Quixito

    it just has large eyes watching you when your sick in a hospital this company is anti automaton and will probably have someone hospitalized in a position of desicioson making and be drugged induced paranoia while the nurse claims it's mandatory

  24. osbely

    I'm in my thirties and I still don't know the feeling of really being "close to someone"
    Oh well.

  25. seasong

    There are doctors in india that do nothing other than just look at x-ray images from around the world all day, because doctors already don't have the time anymore to do this themselfes. If an AI can do this job faster and more reliable then what are we still waiting for?

  26. Matthew Van Loon

    when it comes to healthcare, I already trust AI more than human beings. a few weeks ago AI's proved to be far better when it comes to diagnosing people. watch a video or two at the coldfusion channel. There they will show you how far technology has come.

  27. Eggbert08

    but does it dispense painkillers?

  28. Wish Producer


  29. Jake Johanson

    I cannot deactivate until you say that you are satisfied with your care.

  30. Samuel Jones

    Hello, I am Baymax! Your personal healthcare companion!

  31. Fred Rich

    I don't think most of the people such as the elderly, would actually want to have that robot try to take care of them. The developers of those robots doesn't really care about quality but spend a lot of time thinking quantitavely xD

  32. JP 3 1

    is this channel still alive

  33. Maxwell White

    so…its save someone from cancer in the future or just let thousands die from it because people are against the advancement of technology that could find the answers to cancer…that train of thought doesnt add up…personally i would want to find a way to save people from cancer…not just sit and watch them die…i know from exsperiance…its horrible just watching someone i know in my family die from it and i dont want other people to go through the same pain me and thousands of others have gone through

  34. carmenlucy110

    Are you telling me I can have a baymax???

  35. Rana Zheyran Gulam

    the design should be like Baymax 😁

  36. Tom Morgan

    What kind of moron doesn't raise a question with their doctor when they're given 35 pills to take?

  37. Eapple Games

    "It started with dogs. Thousands and thousands of dogs." Welp. Sounds like this is humanity, alright.

  38. 333059

    yeah we need those healthy robots

  39. noobslayer135

    A little bit creepier than Baymax

  40. Bush Plays


  41. looks scary

  42. The Arctic Thing

    Neat, when do we get robots that we can fuck?

  43. InconvenientlyPlacedTroll

    I refuse to let a robot handle my testes……………….unless it also has it's junk out.

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