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  1. Narciso Almonte

    hahaha the problem in usa with nipples and tits? DOUBLE MORALE! 🙂

  2. ManellaCoockie

    The model's name is Ugne Andrikonyte from Lithuania

  3. 4TheLoveOfHouseMusic

    So true.

  4. Soy_Alfonso

    i have seen the "uncensored" version, and i dont know whats the problem with the tits and the nipples in USA; you can see how one man kills another with a hammer, or headshot suicide, that is normal, but one nipple is the evil in circle shape… ¬¬

  5. antaniblindaconlasup

    emotions….emotions…emotions !!!!


  6. verjemAhajadba

    kibaszott jo

  7. Fred Giraud

    Tojours énorme!

  8. stefano devoti

    beautifull like the sin…naturally redempted

  9. marika chachanidze

    who's that girl? she's so beautiful

  10. yogm yogm

    me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. bollulla

    lo mejorcito

  12. sibb46

    nice song

  13. adro894

    awsome song, perfect to just cruise in the city with

  14. Léa Lebeaupin

    tchou les gens ^^

    C tro la classe je sui la première a avoir mi un com ^^

    Oué ba cette chanson je la trouve génial sa fai déja lonten ke je lécoute mais C DE LA BOMBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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