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  1. wopboy briss

    This shit trash

  2. Lala

    Ugh why isn't this on Spotify?

  3. Jamal Josey


  4. Supreme Sky

    0:38 NEW JERSEY RISE UP 🔥❤️!!! but this song hits hard fr fr

  5. waveringmojo

    This song is underrated af!! Love it!❤

  6. New Orleans Original Barber

    I'm listening to Versatility by River on SongCast. Thanks For the Retweet🔄 Much Love💚✊🏾 http://www.songcastmusic.com/promotealbum?AlbumId

  7. Killa 200

    We still waiting on you and gates tape

  8. G Brando

    LORD I’m just a nigga so I sin

  9. Ja'Quele Lewis


  10. Guapo Y Rico

    1 milli in a day

  11. Joel Rivera

    Why does this fat fuck sounds like nba bitchboy

  12. Itsyaboykj 123

    thank god for dis man ❤️😪

  13. Eric Brooks

    Kevin Gates punch this dude in his face for stealing his flow. Lol. This generation!

  14. Mecca Love

    Vibing hard to this, yesssa!..this is tough💪🏽💯

  15. Dillon Butler

    $$$FREE EASY MONEY ADVICE$$$ WOW this video is GOOD but this is MY FAVORITE VIDEO!!!!!$$$$$ $$$$$$ https://ckk .ai/4gYN (COPY, REMOVE SPACE, PASTE!)

  16. Tai Trendin

    Im From Memphis and Just Dropped My Debut Mixtape ☔️ Features from NLE Choppa, Big Boogie and more 🔥 Tune in 📌🖤☔️

  17. Tmoney McNeill Jr.


  18. Elmer Barreno

    #4 on trending
    Time to rule the world is coming !

  19. Jaya Pinkins

    he reminds me so much of NBA youngboy if they do a collaboration that’s gone be my favorite song ionC

  20. Michael Larane

    This shit so fye 🔥

  21. Lajuan Carr

    bro rod get kevin gates on dis rnnn

  22. handsome latest

    Wowowososo https://youtu.be/RxzKmM0PFGo call him and take this up bro

  23. Carter Carter

    My boy trending right now Florida st pete shit stand up🕺🎧😎🏄‍♂️💯💯💯💯

  24. Milfiana Tv

    Hey guys, I launched my boutique a week ago and I’m still trying to find ways to get my nails up! I challenge my self to get at LEAST 5 sales this weekend. Check my website out or follow us on IG: demiazure


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