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  1. Roddy Ricch

    Stream/Download – https://RoddyRicch.lnk.to/BigStepperID

  2. KidYouRage

    I want him to use auto tune again 😂😭

  3. ZQZ Gaming

    This nigga sound like a whole different person


    bra the way the camera zoomed in

  5. Xavier Harris


  6. Pistolero_1403

    Thuggers kids 🐍

  7. Elizabeth Smith


  8. NMS Music

    damn boi, unique stuff. love it!

  9. Matthew Matina

    Dope Cuzz!! #VILLAGELIFE #700BLOCC

  10. Dismeii

    I thought this was a dance video

  11. abuhnay ah3

    Looking like Dababy

  12. LilFreezer

    I swear I love this

  13. lilnick production

    What I got planned next
    Gotta put the stars in the ceiling.

  14. TheOriginal Channel

    Who’s here before a million
    Claim your badge here

  15. Jackson Thorold

    Fools really begging for likes

  16. Nightmare Nightmare

    This is how many videos white people come to the comment section to say dumb shit


  17. Depressed Salad

    I’m going to touch my fingers


  18. ang 012

    Been waiting since Thursday 😭😭🔥

  19. Thatgirl e


  20. M O E

    Every song from him go crazy ✅

  21. s i n n e r

    Drop the album

  22. Tejbir Singh

    This guy is killin it

  23. Lucky Mfeketho

    Bless us wit an album please

  24. Mossy B 4 Prez

    This is flame. I rock with this one here.

  25. iotaken

    Now remix with Durkio!!!!

  26. sean singh

    Ride that hellcat like a old Corolla #yotagang till I make it yeeee

  27. CashBoi Ralph

    "Necessary Loses 2 by CashBoi Ralph – DistroKid" https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/cashboiralph/necessary-loses-2

  28. SOT Kai

    Reminds if dirty sprite 2 future in prime legend

  29. kojou akatuski

    Wack tbh


    Like roddy rich

    Ignore lil pump

  31. CashBoi Ralph

    CashBoi Ralph
    TruthXDare official music video 🏴

  32. Lord Davinci

    https://youtu.be/Ws3xZXjvhiY 🥶🥶🥶🥶 I produced it to

  33. Lifegoeson100

    This should of already had a million views

  34. M.A- 23

    Big stepper like big meech mhmm

  35. S W

    Bruh, pls drop the album. I need that shit for the winter 🙌🏿🔥

  36. Jessie Conley

    Shit trash

  37. Jennie Poisson

    But like what was the reason for the horses it doesnt make sense

  38. phillip montes

    Compton stand up!!!

  39. Mad Guy

    I’m assuming normal comments don’t exist

  40. Devonte Willis

    rbg/trey-k-ace here i come up next rudeboi-6k

  41. TTG Moody

    Another one 🥶🔥💢

  42. Elecxious_ RSA

    This is too dope. Waiting on an album

  43. SnaggedOverBum

    Shi fye

  44. Dre James

    Here before a mill #HOYAS

  45. Abey Adeyemi

    nobody touching bruh rn

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