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  1. Star Xo

    I would like to see Kim Kardashian’s gym and fridge! Her trainer is killing it!

  2. jacob suarez

    Who tf is this guy

  3. xPNova

    The asian jock guy in every teen movie.

  4. Adam Waddington

    I thumbs down as soon as he said he gets his nutrition advice from Thomas DeLauer… SMH…

  5. Pjiab Wassana

    I love Ross. From Thailand. 😊💕

  6. jekyll hyde

    damn….they sold him fake weights. He has the body of a McDonald's cashier

  7. Libin Abraham

    He looks like Bruce Lee !!

  8. Steven Stevenson

    This guy filming is trying so hard to sound like vouge

  9. ghunijo turmandakh

    he lifts like 5 pounds wtf.

  10. Jason Genova

    Bruh does he even lift?

  11. Dan Macgillivray

    He knows nothing about training😂

  12. Davian Oconnel

    The people saying he isn’t fit better be fucking olympians… but let’s be real, they haven’t left the house in years. (You could knock some of the fitness info tho)

  13. Primož Dvoršak

    1:30 "Oh YEAh yEah no"

  14. Anthony Del Valle

    Fridge and gym with logic

  15. Marek V.

    So…. why he has no muscles?

  16. jocey

    Fuck me in the ass he’s hot af

  17. Himanshu Kukreti

    But he don't even muscular

  18. gamingdragon


  19. AEven1

    He’s not even remotely impressing

  20. Mukul Anand

    Shoutout to Thomas delauer

  21. Laura Norton


  22. nick b

    this guys a pussy

  23. Sheer Tan

    Honestly I feel like this is the realist non prepped kitchen vid we've seen

  24. Hyunkk Bjkkvhjk

    LOVE THIS SERIES!!! It inspires me so much to see how celebs work out and eat

  25. Cristian Medeiros

    These fake ass voice over questions are hilarious

    “DaMn, ThAtS a LoT oF sAuCe”

  26. Clean Clear

    John 14:6 Aramaic

    amar leh yeshoo`, ena ana oorcha washrara wchaye, la anash athe lwath avy, ela en bee,

    John 14:6 New King James Version (NKJV) 6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

  27. John Apple

    Shoulder impingement cringe🥴

  28. ron l

    Does this dude even lift?

  29. Last Macho

    I don`t understand the negative comments. He is natural and honestly his body looks good. Many people today look at steroids youtuber all the day and i think they have the wrong view. Peace to all of you.

  30. Greg Farello

    Man, he is so hot

  31. William Long

    These guys are clueless when it comes to training and nutrition.

  32. LDT Time

    "Moving out of high school" Hopefull that means no more thirteen reason why because that last season was the most dreadful thing i have ever watched. Was not good after season 1

  33. متحت المتحت

    We went gym and fredg cr7

  34. iamlegend

    K E A N U

  35. KautiousKat


  36. reptilus89

    The only actually well-written character in the show

  37. Barry Bourke

    He's a boring guy alright

  38. Joakim Birkelid

    "If you could kindly leave. Kindly"
    swings knife

  39. Aiman Syazwan

    Wait….. he's a MALAYSIAN?

  40. Isiah Frank

    U should do trey songz

  41. zExotic FaNc

    Pasta is a cheat meal? Idk about that lmao

  42. Julius Tan

    You know he's Malaysian with those sauces in his fridge😂

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