Runco's Weekly Music – Howlin' Wolf – Smokestack Lightnin'

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  1. Ahdree23

    Who been here baby since….I been gone? A little boy? Girl be on!

  2. Chris Sanders

    Good stuff

  3. nguzosmusic

    Ahooooh, Ahoooooh!!!

  4. Garwin Wayne

    stop yo' train, let a po' boy ride ….Tell it! 

  5. Mike Harlan

    Smokestack lightning refers to the Glow from the stack mainly visible at Night,  when the Stoker would see the Glow and Sparks he would stop shoveling because the Firebox is getting too Hot.

  6. Jarred Gilbert

    ohhh hell yes

  7. unionrdr

    Wolf had a bit of a gravely voice,like Patton,but louder. Me & pop know what makin' smokstack lightnin' IS. It ain't breaking up so much as 12/7's makin steel & iron. when the stacks exhausting the "kublos" as we called the furnaces,that was smokestack lightnin. Shone just like gold. But sure as hell not for us. He's dead,& I can barely walk with a cane. gunna break out my '62SG & practice again…been too damn long.

  8. comedeyzone

    Wolf of Wall Street!

  9. ColtonM80

    How could someone push the dislike button on this song? I guess there's always going to be that one asshole who has to shit all over everything..

  10. I know a lot of people say this song is on a Viagra commercial, which is a fucking disgrace. But all I can think of is Nathan from Misfits when I hear this song! LOL

    Anyways, even before Misfits, I used to sing this song, trying to imitate Howlin' Wolf's magnificent voice and failing massively. Forever-stuck-with-the-voice-of-a-tween-boy …. And I'm a girl. -_-

  11. G000000D

    I like it when people hear blues music, I hope that they listen to this and that it leads them to Muddy and Robert Johnson, stuff like that. I hope that someday blues hits the mainstream again.

  12. Legend of Awww Sheeet

    keep up the uploads

  13. winston huggins

    hell yea feel it

  14. twistysnacks

    Holy shit, I only knew this as a Soundgarden song. I feel so deprived now.

  15. buelloldman

    If some people get to hear this GREAT song for the first time in a commercial, then the commercial itself doesn't matter.

  16. Elliott Hall

    Cocks up if Viagra brought you here.

  17. Flyin Pixie

    learnt about muddy waters through the film Cadillac records & am grateful for it:)

  18. Steve Stunning


  19. CountvonStaffordofVirginia1607

    I can't believe this was used in a Viagra, disgusting! this song deserves better, if it was a commercial that had a bunch of steam train clips, that would be better.

  20. unionrdr

    Pop & I learned how to make smoke stack lightnin. That's the flame that jumps out of a hot foundry stack. You can see it for miles at night. Such were we at the Foed foundry in Cleveland. It shone like gold till it got really hot,then it turned blue. I worked that complex for near 31 years. Worked too hard for too long…neva see me no mo'!

  21. T. E. Smith Perkins

    Amen brother….

  22. LSDlemonade. zemog

    This is amazing!

  23. seaweedbrain

    how is that racist? he didn't say anything against any race.

  24. Dwain Walton


  25. johngmc65

    The reason Viagra used this song is my smoke stack has lighting coming out of it.

  26. babyblueLEGEND

    As per your last sentence,he does like it.

  27. babyblueLEGEND

    Dude, we're done here.

  28. WhateverItTakes

    To shit can an entire genre based on who gets heavy rotation is a freshman move. I wouldn't call country trash because of Taylor Swift's success vs. lack of talent. There is some damn good rap out there but it is mainly underground. Most people don't want to work to understand music and are easily influenced by image which is why the top of the charts are populated by crap. Never judge a genre by the worst it has to offer. Do a little research , well, unless you like being ignorant.

  29. babyblueLEGEND

    @ryanspeed that is some typical nonsense that a racialist would spout on the TUBE. The Blues is the great granddaddy of rap music, if you know as much as you pretend you would know that .Secondly why dont you go cry to Dean and Frank about Bieber.There are plenty of great artist alive today that you could uphold or support and instead you seem content to stir the racial pot…nice.You clearly have problems that have nothing to do with music.

  30. leroy ggo

    mad they dont song this raw any more

  31. Resin works

    best song ever! dude is an alien from a chocolate planet.

  32. Tuan Muda

    * * * * *

  33. tomas tucker

    when the blues sounds like this it is magic howlin wolf was amazing he is enteraing them in heaven i hope when i pass away i get a front row seat in heaven to hear this man that would be wonderful i love the blues

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