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  1. John Yu.Thanh

    US and UK are promoting and supporting Hong Kong rioters terrorists to destroy Hong Kong for good. This is western democracy.

  2. Stefanie Daniella

    the USA can't resort to its usual deadly "Economic Hit Man" (assassination+war for resource rape/hoarding) methodology, on China, like it has done to Central+South America, Africa, Middle-East, South Asia, South-East Asia, so it resorts to old fashioned "meddling" of the fringes places, like in Tibet, or Xinjiang, or Taiwan, and now HK.

    meanwhile, racist USA is terrified if all "slant-eyed" folks united against their perpetual "haters" (their past "niceness" to "slant-eye" folks has been found superficial, fake, as their talk of "oh, i like chinese culture" (but not the chinese people) is cheap, and can be offered effortlessly, as they only care about pursuing "profit from ignorant masses" from HUGE china target market).

    you only have to be born out in the west, like North America or UK/Europe, or Australia, to experience perpetual racist hatred for "not a chinaman's chance" slant-eye folks, regardless of whether they are secretly or openly "whites-only" utopianists (Australia's whites-only underlying utopianism has not changed much more than USA's or Canada's whites-only utopianism. their superficial "multiculturalism" is just another way to superficially hide the fractionated (ghetto-like-19th/20th century) whites apart from "coloureds" in isolated "silos" (intermingling is forbidden/discouraged)

    so, it's multiculturalism is a farce.
    the chinatown-syndrome is one of the worst SHAMELESS examples of racism "refashioned" into a stereotype "tourist attraction"
    absurdity. any chinese immigrating here, or born here, out in the west, do not know, the whites here SNICKER at their ludicrous multicultural FAKE "diversity PAWNS" showcased, while in LIFE, the Chinese are actually KEPT OUT via discrimination, prejudice, as a norm. (it's "not a chinaman's chance" in different clothing, that's all)

  3. katgolds30

    The US interfers in the affairs of all other countries. They are the worlds antagonists.

  4. Whats Up

    China has lost 35 billion minimal from the lack of trade. This stupid man is also war mongering. What ever do they teach you in school? Because I see only unAmerican, unPatriotic, and unintelligent idiots, commenting here.

  5. tom robbins

    Just protests in Bolivia are ignored. Illegal coup against first native president. Hope China resists interference from Europe u.s. Israel.

  6. Kilal Googlestaffers

    China continues to pretend that the state is more important than the people who make it.

    It's why China will always fail.

    It's why China will never be able to feed itself.

    It's why China will always be a barbarian, backwards and third-rate power.

    It has no idea what to prioritize.

    Seeking power, when providing possibility reaps far greater rewards.

    Xi is nothing but a murderer, a thief and a dictator.

    His slaves will never smile, and he will not live forever.

  7. Paolo Zanconato

    Hong Kong = china is story

  8. BluesCreation09

    Who will travel to Hong Kong now?
    CIA and anti Chinese Americunts who are determined to undermine Chinese sovereignty and territorial integrity.
    Show them no mercy. If you catch any Assmericunt in Hong Kong taking part in rioting make sure you jail them 10 years and 5 strokes to their filthy ass.

  9. Moy Moy TAN

    US should look at its own backyard.

  10. Zhou新

    California is a sovereign state!

  11. wu vince

    But those stupid Hongkonger should also share the blame for carrying out the act of destroying Hongkong.

  12. Yong Zee How

    US,who gave you the rights to be world's policemen,what a shame!.

  13. T B

    Totalitarian government.

  14. mark harrowfield

    The Americans are trying a maximum pressure campaign to force China into an unfair trade deal don't deal with unstable Trump

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