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  1. David Wolf

    trade war or not the economy is going to tank … and almost everyone only disagrees about when … tick tock

  2. 吃茶猫

    US has been bossing the world for too long and too easy~ AHA

  3. maritimer Man

    These guys are throwing darts at a political dart board and running with it. There's a bigger picture their not seeing.

  4. Ecology Rocks

    Who cares about the deal. After next election everything can change, a deal now won't last long.

  5. lam dao

    I heard that China is using Gold in its deal. Makes sense. Gold is the back up currency to the US dollar.

  6. Red Power.红色的力量

    China is god you cant beat them.everyone say Americans are rich lol they are all living with debts.

  7. Aussie CN

    US may get more than it has bargained for – speeding up Chinese currency's alternative reserve currency status when the world is splitting into two rival economic ecosystems.

  8. Kenyi Francis

    No deal is when you will see the U S hit hard with recession, now the manufacturing is in recession you always talk about the U S A doing ok but China is not, they are telling as about the U S economy is in trouble not Chinese economy.

  9. Aussie CN

    It's actually two sumos wrestling in a tiny room with many kids standing around. Germany is the first kid being "Trumped" upon because it is too fat!

  10. jayman

    There will be a mini interim deal and the markets will rally big time.

  11. Don Kruuz

    Mainland Chinese are the worst thieves in the world. After being accused of stealing $600 billion worth of IPR every year from the US, China still can't produce their own jet engines, advanced chip sets and many more. It's either Chinese are stupid thieves or whatever they took do not worth much.

  12. Semper Fortis

    China's kleptocracy will be all right without the U.S.
    China will just keep stealing intellectual property, land, and financial futures from their allies and enemies alike. China is a thief country without honor.

  13. hotrod3769

    They will just hope the next president is the status quo like Clinton,Bush Obama and let them get away with everything.

  14. Connor Sanders

    Only trade deal I want is a total Embargo on China. Painful at first? Yes, worth it in the long run? Def.

  15. Lwellj

    I would rather be a poor capitalist than a rich communist.

  16. Noah Clark

    Yeah , that guy is right, no deal. China don’t trust trump.

  17. Mark C

    Bear in Mind, the US is the main culprit that started the trade war against so many countries.

  18. Mark C

    The tariffs would likely to go off when the orange guy no longer in office. How can in the process of negotiating a deal but at same time, impose these or that sanctions on certain countries including China and ban certain Chinese companies because of your absurd security concerns. Some may be said orange guy negotiating tactics as if the Chinese are dumb.

  19. Gringo Sinting

    what you're going to get is horse shit

  20. Loraine Jones


  21. A O

    China would be better off with no deal!

  22. Liberty Eli

    He called the White House a clown car! Nailed it

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