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  1. Joe Butter

    This is one of those songs that cause a boom in births 9 months from now 😉

  2. Kassandra Wojciechowski

    Y'all are legit so cute together and sing so good together!!!

  3. country boyz

    I love this song from upchurch and Katie Noel and I’m glad to see them both happy with each other

  4. CountryBoy WestVirginia

    Cutest couple of 2019

  5. CountryBoy WestVirginia

    Mr.& Ms. Queen of the South

  6. Ashley Greene

    Love love this song ❤️

  7. Dylan McFarland

    Y'all be yeast nine months from now for a kid

  8. Christina McAllister

    Just found my new favorite song 🥰❤

  9. Sekela Mwantembe

    Upchurch does it again. Always putting out 🔥🔥🔥 tracks regardless of the genre. Mad respect brotha✊🏾✊🏾!!

  10. Ben Reul

    Joe Butter that is funny as fuck.

  11. Faith Addison

    I could all way see Upchurch and Katie noel getting together i think that has long as Ryan is happy that is all the matter.!!!!

  12. Brittany Volner

    Amazing Song and Video!

  13. Rebecca Kuchta

    Omg, 1million views on this page alone… when fan pages put your videos up do you get credit for the views? Cause then your at like 2 plus million views. 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Kayla Hitsman

    I’m pretty sure half of the views is just from me alone! Lmao I can’t stop listening to it! ❤️

  15. alex schilling

    Best song I have ever heard

  16. Benjamin smith


  17. Kassandra L.K

    Awwww I love this song!! It’s adorable

  18. Joseph Winkler

    I’m a firm believer in everything in life happens for a reason!!

  19. Cody Koster

    1 million in 2 days! Wow

  20. Aaron Hastings

    Hell yeah. I knew this was coming. Love it. I guess I missed some stuff.

  21. killa_dyce

    When's this going on Spotify

  22. Jennifer Perry

    This is my favorite song! Love this!

  23. Steven Meyer

    ryan upchurch adam calhoun, katie noel calabo in one song will blow this shit up

  24. David

    Why are white people so cringe

  25. Steven Meyer

    Two of the best from Tennessee makes me miss it so much. GO VOLS!!!!!

  26. L B


  27. Angela Turner

    🔥…love this!

  28. Tom Buettner

    Real nice song can you imagine how many babies are gonna be made listening to this?
    Goes back to some Marvin Gaye, teddy pendegrass, Keith sweat and Marvin sease style .
    Well done Katie and church

  29. Tennessee Farming TV

    Awesome job upchurch love the song just like always

  30. Whitewolf Blackwatch

    I don’t really listen to Katie’s music but her voice really is liquid gold on this track. Imo she’s what makes this song

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