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  1. Sabaton

    ➞ TOUR TICKETS for Sabaton & Apocalyptica: https://www.sabaton.net/tour/

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  2. Keigan Cubbon

    Battle field one flash backs I’m surprised I didn’t see any hellreigels😂

  3. Аноним

    Так держать

  4. Новая Элоиза

    То чувство когда две моих любимых группы написали шедевр! С уважением из России ❤️

  5. Pavlo sleeep

    Sabaton + Apocalyptica = dream combination

  6. Bela

    tell me you're in love with 3:44 part of the song too <3

  7. Red Empire

    what a masterpiece ! sabatons keep it up !

  8. Laode Muhamad Fajar Indra Wirawan

    i love all music SABATON!!!

  9. Metal EAST

    I was at your playing at Iron Maidens show at Moscow! And this is awesome! Some people come not for IM, but for sabaton! This time I loved sabaton!!!

  10. Efrem Kazimir

    I'm from Russia, and I'm very love Sabaton. Thank you Sabaton!!! Yours songs beautiful and brutal (sorry about my English))) HELLO FROM RUSSIA!!!)

  11. Elke Monsch

    𝓐 𝓰𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓽 𝓼𝓸𝓷𝓰!

  12. Atraks

    Блин че за нафиг? Почему видеоряд в каком-то в режиме слоумо? Вообще не вяжется с аудиодорожкой. Смотрится как поделка школьника.

  13. Semih Özgüneyli

    its…its so perfect as im lost in song.

  14. The Blood God

    A part of me craves that Sabaton do a song for the Falklands conflict and how the British Navy got done over by the BBC

  15. lespaul 59

    MY GOD please make an album with these guys this is pure masterclass!!!!!!!!

  16. 0 Subs without Knee Reveal


  17. Manu Petermann

    Can't wait to see your show in Zürich <3

  18. Max Hardcore

    God fucking speed!

  19. Heikki Koskela

    Suomi mainittu! Torille!!

  20. Spartan005u

    Low key need a cross over between sabaton and rammstein

  21. Randy Buchanan

    Great Sabaton music!!!!

  22. Luigi Meloni

    WOW…..Scandinavian Power

  23. James Lewis

    A lot of this sounds like 'The Immigrant Song' by Led Zeppelin. There is also a part that reminded me a lot of another Led Zeppalin song called 'Kashmir'.

  24. Leo Stucky

    This has been on repeat for 5 times in a row now and I have no intention of stopping

  25. Amanda Ivie

    Something to add to the list of things my husband and I love, he's been a huge fan of Sabaton which he has only recently been introducing me to thanks to Sabaton History. I've been a huge fan of Apocalyptica for probably 12 years or so. Love this team up!

  26. JJV4head

    After the first chorus, and the cellos kick in, I cry every time

  27. ralky5

    Great combination!

  28. Mussun Mussun

    Put it to Spotify

  29. Claid TV

    я люблю Сабатон.

  30. MAG1970 izZuzino


  31. yd3mc14ib47

    Holy shit ita a amazing new song by you guys, thank you very much for your sharing !! 😍🤘🔥

  32. daldrome

    Please make this available on Spotify!

  33. Ярослав Виноградов

    В предзнаменования 75 годовщины в Великой отечественной войны, большой РЕСПЕКТ ребятам из ,,железного ботинка,,. Привет из Украины. No passaran!

  34. Felipe Reis

    Quem deu deslike nisso é FRESCO

  35. Daan Stal

    tommy needs to have a beard

  36. hevimies

    Just amazing, i hope that they will play this tonight ALL HAIL SABATON AND APOCALYPTICA

  37. HomelessTv

    Why aren't you coming to Croatia 🙁 Im sad now…

  38. Vault Courier

    Sabatocallyptica(?) Love the mix

  39. Daddy Zucc

    spotify when?

  40. Hakcc 515

    Im so sad that im underage for the tour, otherwise would have gone to see sabaton at Hartwall areena. :'(

  41. Daniel Pering

    Sabaton AND Apocalyptica!? God has heard my prayers!

  42. Нус Атман

    Great apocalyptic cover for great song about apocalyptic Great War.

  43. NODnuke45

    I actually shed a tear.

  44. Luke Lemire

    This song reminds me of Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin, but better.

  45. Serpent_ God08

    Can i just say how beautiful this is?

  46. free forever


  47. NooblyHunter 203

    I've never been so glad to live in the same time and age when I can watch Sabaton on YouTube.

  48. edog 813

    Not the crossover we deserved but the crossover we needed

  49. BadWolf762

    Sabaton and Apacalyptica together; I've died in battle and now wage war in Valhalla by day and feast with Oden in Asgard by night.

  50. Alain Morin

    There is no connection whatsoever between image and sound 🙁

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