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  1. yvonnewellen

    Best Salome ever , Maria Ewing, Covent Garden, most beautiful and erotic dance of the seven veils.

  2. J_ Rosarino

    Best Salome ever!!!

  3. Fredo Joaquim

    Salome tragedy in one act, after the play by Oscar Wilde.

  4. Fernando Cullen


  5. McSireno

    Great performance of the Deutsche Oper Berlin!

  6. lucatme

    Neither Salome nor Johanaan are particularly convincing… The former is too homely, the latter way too buff. The staging and costumes are of supreme quality, though – it's probably the most beautiful staging I've seen.

  7. jvdesuit1

    A fantastic production with a Salomé at last credible. Malfitano was the perfect Salomé, physically, vocally and an actress to the tip of her toes! Maria Ewing is light years behind her in this role.

  8. Yotambien Quierocomprar Mi primer carro

    mas antes se tomaban fotos con algo que se apuntaba lo llamaban lacer y es como un lacer

  9. Romea Romeo

    Adoro quest'opera! Un capolavoro divino! Bellissima rappresentazione. La Malfitano è anche eccezionale nella danza dei veli.

  10. phil2u48

    …. worth viewing / hearing for Estes alone. Powerful. Interesting costuming, after Beardsley, I believe.

  11. nana bae dude

    This shit is dope af

  12. Pocho pochin

    36:58 du bist VERFLUCHT!!!!!!!!!
    awesome moment

  13. Lesley Les Paul

    Great recording from my hometown ! LES

  14. AMQ11

    She looks more like my aunt than a seductress.

  15. musicus9

    She tries to copy Maria Ewing!

  16. nihil babeberg


  17. peroz1000

    Simply marvellous!

  18. ReisendeBP

    is there a full cast list?

  19. Staffan Lindström

    Exciting! Great Salome!

  20. Nanda Vieira

    Thank you so much for posting it.

  21. Belen Contreras


  22. fred puccino


  23. Sra Mosquiz

    Esta ópera es capaz de hacerme pasar por todos los estados de conciencia… Me fascina, podría verla todo el día ¡Lo voy a hacer!

  24. Iván Feo

    ¡¡¡La maravilla de las maravillas!!! ¡La Malfitano es grandiosa pero todos están inmensos! ¡Qué barbaridad… que ópera estupenda!

  25. KASH10043

    Well, Malfitano certainly makes a most convincing nut-job, especially towards the end. Not one of my favorite operas by far but her performance had me glued to my seat. Great cast. Good job on the English subtitles too, thanks.

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