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  1. indian boy wwe fan

    Hey sheamus return and challenge fiend wwe champion ship at wrestlemania. Book it Vincent

  2. ironHULK

    sheamus, Samoa, kevin Owens vs seth Rollins and Author of pains

  3. Grzz 313

    Samoaaaaaaaa joooeee

  4. Terminator Tx

    But celtic warrior is still trapped in dark room.

  5. Slick JUJU

    Joe seems like a chill guy

  6. daffa M06

    Kangen rambut shamus yg pendek


    Indian Clubs featuring again,
    Celtic Joe,
    Samoan Warrior,
    Thank You.

  8. Shock jockey

    Hell yea joe joe joe joe

  9. Figs3


  10. George Wayne

    Sheamus's hair looks 🔥

  11. Don Don

    The Iron Sheik would use something similar

  12. hollywood fats

    wow! you guys are really giving me something here!

    my shoulders are so wrecked wish me luck!

  13. Randy Nortin

    I thought the aop and Seth would show up and brawl with you guys that would be cool

  14. Kenro200x

    I started working out with Indian Clubs because of the last video. It's been a part of my workout routine ever since. I had my younger brother use it as well, and I'm sure he's the only one on his wrestling team who works out with these.

  15. wildmexican12

    i might have to try this really soon and this looks like it might be helpful with boxing

  16. Pat Iorio

    Samoa Joe huge fan of yours just watch Monday night Raw. I enjoyed watching you front kick in the face those two big Armenian jackass. Awesome job!

  17. Pat Iorio

    Wow that looks intense. quick question have you guys ever work out with anyone had shoulder replacement.and I'm just wondering full recovery those type of work is safe right

  18. MAKstyles

    For a minute I really though Sheamus is breathing loudly
    Foo…. Foo……
    Foo….. Foo…..
    On the side

  19. Liken Gadi

    When is The Great White Sheamus coming back???



  21. Van Vader

    The Iron Sheik would make him humble.

  22. NAYEUL

    Do u prefer ur current theme song or the old one? (plz bring back the old one)

  23. NAYEUL

    Please please please please bring back your old theme song.

  24. Khalid Jama

    Wow shemeuas left that dark room his broken it down people

  25. Charles Music Studios

    Wait a minute? On Smackdown you got you spiked hair, now its long again. Either this was pre recorded or you’re a Irish Houdini

  26. Delta Fox

    i beg you to come at smackdown with your old theme please.

  27. Ulrich Riviere

    Hard work, always 💪

  28. Rajdeep Majumder

    Happy new year Celtic warrior

  29. Hey Momma

    I think samoa Joe would be a great fit in AEW. His mic skills would really shine there.

  30. pant ke chacha delhiwale

    Sheamus motivated me
    I passed exam although I was dumb

  31. EM Drøîd

    Espero tu regreso en la WWE sheamus

  32. Raf Man

    Sheamus I hope you're in the rumble win it

  33. Salvy Ionadi

    When you return at smackdown? You are my favourite wwe superstar

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