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  1. The Damage Report

    What do you think about Sander’s modified campaign strategy? Leave a comment below.

  2. Nancy Sherry

    they will attack him and gv ms Eiz W or Biden the position, and trump will be back in for another ……eternity? if pelosi and AOC would force the issue……and he got the ef out of there. this is a bad bad day. and not a good thing for the usa. no one will vote.

  3. MAGA and Elect Bernie Sanders

    You used doctored footage from CNN, look up the original video they messed with the color saturation to make Bernie look red

  4. MrLeooreo

    Thank you Bernie we want to as president you’ve got a big following eat your vegetables and take care of yourself you’ve got my vote

  5. Wayne Shilcock

    Also look at Secular Talk on the false coloring of Bernie's face from Fake News CNN. Just to make him look sicker than he really is, CNN = TRASH!!!!

  6. ursaltydog

    He has tried to move the party to the left.. but the rest of the country since Trump entered office, became "ready" to move further to the left, because that's the only place they had to go.

  7. ursaltydog

    Actually, people love it when they see candidates at their doorstep.. or when one of their staffers is knocking on doors.. It means that human interaction isn't dead!!! And they will tell 10 people who will tell 10 more people that you came to visit them.. sure, internet is great, but there is still a segment of society who will not visit your website.. they may not even have internet if they are poor.. So, don't underrate town halls and knocking on doors.

  8. ursaltydog

    Very proud of him.. Someone told me the other day that Trump was for the little man.. I said, how many times have you seen Trump talk to the little man.. go to town halls.. The closest he got was throwing paper towels at poor people..

  9. Griff Mustard

    The video of Bernie is from a CNN feed, and Secular Talk (Kyle Kulinski) points out the " Over Saturation " of color that they have on Bernie, to make him look RED, and to make viewers think he is not well. Every other video shown has Bernie looking normal. Only CNN had this massive RED hue in their video.

  10. rowan volvo

    Nate Silver pulls the Jesse Jackson argument out of his ass & thinks nobody will recognize it.

  11. B E

    What species is Nate silver? 🤔

  12. Tamara Sullivan

    BERNIE 2020!🇺🇸❤

  13. manuel berrios

    Bernie Sanders all day every day 2020 !!!

  14. ronny raygunz

    Poor bern didn't have a chance to become potus even before his heart damage.

  15. Sarah Cullen

    The stents actually make him healthier than he was and he will feel better and more able to work.

  16. Jean Meracin

    Your whole family is marked coward.

  17. Matt Alibozek

    So Bernie’s so old he might die in office but that’s cool vote for him anyways…. Because the country won’t fall apart….? Honestly anyone over the retirement age shouldn’t be in politics or the Government anymore…

  18. Matt Alibozek

    I understand you guys like Bernie’s policies or whatever… But he just had a heart attack and he’s almost 80… He would be like 84 by the end of his first term… Honestly there is a good chance he wouldn’t live through a full term… That’s why I’m voting for Warren… Basically the same policies that are better defined and she’s not a walking corpse… Also she’s my Senator…

  19. Michel Michaels

    R.I.P BERNIE 😢❤️

  20. gamanin8

    And remember FDR was in a wheelchair. John Kennedy had a back problem.

  21. Rusty Shackleford

    Did he get gov. Health care🤔

  22. Preston Nicodemus

    Well hell Big Donny spent almost 1 year out of the last 3 golfing so what the hell, and sure as hell he wasn't doing 4 rallies a day along with meetings…

  23. Andrew Mildenberg

    I only have this to say, Fuck you Nate Silver.

  24. Tina Cortes

    Back off! Get off the story Bernie Sanders is doing fine! Life is short for all ages no one is the exception!

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