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  1. Lexz Luvhoops

    Feels like my ears are bleeding after listening. Youtube, please play to the right audience.

  2. Lexz Luvhoops

    Omg. This song is terrible. Any "artist" that needs to pay for a sponsored video obviously sucks 🤣😂 Literally, paying for views 🙄🤮

  3. Lizzy Rose :3

    😔💔 me right now.

  4. Jude Lynn

    L💖VE ✌

  5. Emmanuel Perez


  6. TanyaBaby est.2000 ever

    I hate that every song reminds me of Jason.

  7. rrcisrr

    Beautiful song

  8. Shnaz Fangler

    Get this garbage ass trash ass music out of my face. Im trying to listen to my rap playlist and this bitch has popped up 3 times in 15 minutes. This is what people listen to when they hang themselves. Gtfo my gd face with this song.

  9. David Zettlemoyer

    I love this song I literally relate to this

  10. Chansey767

    Country music is underrated

  11. Jay LLC

    The YouTube ad interrupted my playlist and this song is just Perfect!

  12. Slick Brandon

    This hard 🔥🔥

  13. ely Munoz

    Im here from the youtube ad…. My new favorite song!!!!😘😘😘 had to subscribed❤

  14. Diamond Cook

    this is beautiful omg accidentally clicked on the ad

  15. daniel garrett

    Reminds me of my wife before she cheated on me…. I’m trying to stay with her but my heart won’t heal …

  16. emdeethao

    ❤❤❤ so good!!!! Love it!

  17. Independentsoul

    The next miranda!!!!

  18. Mr. Squidward

    Glad I was slow at skipping this ad.

  19. Joey Gouda

    I too been thru alot with a woman whose now with one of my biggest enemies not cuz he s with my wife but what he did n said to me in regard to a fed case we both caught…. Long STORY ughhh this is relatable and beautiful, i hate modern music and love hearing this style of music, it sends me optmism and hope, Im now in love with Sandra Lynn s music DON'T STOP GOD IS WITH U

  20. Joey Gouda

    O what powerful words plz tell me the lyrics were written by your beautiful soul! Omg I can soooo relate, God bless you Sandra Lynn!!!

  21. Hatchback 91

    1:13 even the horse is in awe

  22. Hatchback 91

    Well dam.. this is so good.. she murdered this track😱😱😎😭😎

  23. Marissa Martinez

    Love it! 💖💖💖

  24. James Bass

    Such a beautiful voice…

  25. 10,000 Subscibers With No Videos Challenge

    I'm here cuz the YouTube ad

  26. dennis nyumu


  27. Michael Paul


  28. Sanidhya chanyal

    Sandra your voice is so beautiful and peaceful

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