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  1. Thomas Neate

    I think Sara Bareilles has so much more inside her, but she's yet to find herself. Look out when she doe's she's going to blow the roof off the charts!

  2. juntao11

    Look whsts happening here 👓👾

  3. AY Alviso

    My friends kept singing this so when they said

    "HOnEsTly – "
    I know it's rude, but it waa annoying
    I also like this song, but it so annoying

  4. Robert Reid

    Songs magic…girls a gem true superstar…songs brilliant…hugs bobby

  5. Mr. Sagittarius Official Channel

    Pls. Come back in music industry Sarah Bareilles.

  6. Mitch Burton

    when i feel like i'm battling with my sanity this song is my battle cry

  7. adolfo the gamer


  8. Cee Vee

    such an underratted song

  9. Doc Cho

    I love the energy of this song and the video, BUT….. THE DUDE DANCING IN THE LIBRARY PISSES ME OFF SOOOOOO MUCH! I mean I guess you can dance in the street, in the mall or hell, even in a gym, but like…. IT'S A PUBLIC LIBRARY! You're SUPPOSED to be quite and reserved there!

  10. Jayrick Sitjar

    i really love this song.

  11. Miss Lauren

    I’ve fought for my disability and I wasn’t alone have doctors and physicians(physiologist) next to me declining along the way. Whatever my parents say or any action toward residential administrative they can review the application again and again. What type of disability does she have?, nothing but stuttering that’s very minor not noticeable barely. Giving up is not my fault also not even me, only greedy parents wanting money off of my fake disability from legal government.

  12. Naega SVT

    Desperately searched for uplifting songs and found this again. Aww I miss my younger teenage years, I forgot that this was one of my fave songs played on the radio.
    I love that she kept repeating that "I wanna see you be brave" coz it worked for me

  13. tessa hen.


  14. Vermont Hippie

    I'm about to go to my volunteer job that's so toxic I'm scared to go there but am listening to this song and hope it helps me to be brave to go their.

  15. Ian Fernandez

    I miss these kinds of songs tho like let’s go backkkkkk

  16. Private


  17. Milly Cunningham

    Katy Perry?

  18. May I

    'maybe he took the wrong pill' – let's express our joy more!!! So that dancing in public just means you're happy and not high!!

  19. American Sports Fan

    Being brave hasn’t worked for me yet. I tried it junior year im entering senior year and im considering going back to being quiet

  20. Polar Express 7

    we all took the wrong pill

  21. Boom ChicBug

    Working as a psychiatrist, this song is one of my favorite “alternative and complementary” therapy inspirations of all time, professional and personal! There are so many reasons why I LOVE this song and I can’t remember how many times I have recommended it to patients nor sought it out for my own encouragement! Thank you Sara and the rest of your team for creating this super relatable and truly empowering song!! Looking forward to seeing you in October!! 💕💕

  22. zeze do bone

    Yes I am…

  23. Zoe Pavlidis

    Honestly, I already know ur brave! So say what u wanna say because it the bravest!😀😀😀

  24. AshleyJay

    Such a feel good song! One I always seem to come back to when I need some feel good music ❤️❤️

  25. Allison

    I didn't know sara sang this song i only knew her from waitress!

  26. Presumptuous Pseudonym

    I once showed some one how big my brave was… the police that showed up to my door afterwards didnt think it was a good idea.

  27. Rob Perk

    Me and my daughter used to dance to this song when she was 9 i haven't seen her in 8 years, makes me happy and sad at the same time, your dad loves you Briss



  29. ian0

    Katie perry ripped off this song.

  30. Adaeze obasi

    This is just such a confidence boost

  31. cgonwere

    Inspirational, still in 2019!!

  32. Addison Mc

    The CRAZZY THING IS THAT I look like her and younger then her and I sound like her weird

  33. Tom Larson

    At the end: dude took the right pill.

  34. Tom Larson

    I don't like this genre but that's irrelevant because this is so well written and complex with a perfection level worthy that I love it even though I prefer other styles. Sara bareilles is what you call a legit musical artist. Gratitude to her and her team for this production!

  35. Idrezzy

    This song and happy by Pharrell are so uplifting. Hit that like button.
    | |
    | |
    | |
    / /

  36. Aniqa Usha

    I first saw this song in dance class when a sub showed us this song

  37. Anime Slimez

    God, I only found out about this song now. Where have I been my whole life?

  38. Will Smith

    They made the white people look weird as fuck they can't dance come on man….

  39. Ivan Ventura

    Sounds like “Just the way your are” from Bruno Mars

  40. chrysalys64

    No man, he took THE RIGHT pill!

  41. Liz Besmehn

    To the man with the stormy dark eyes.

  42. Saryah Ford

    this song was played at my 6th grade promotion.😔 off to middle school. memories🤞💙

  43. Fiorella Suyón Villamil

    August 2019 WHOOOO

  44. kiddiesm

    Been listening to this song for a long time, cant believe I just watched the music video just now! Truly great piece of work

  45. Ahmed Mujtaba Sumra

    this song resembles roar of Katy alot !

  46. Makech_Wa7dek

    2019 !!

  47. 5F45D

    Awesome! Shared on Twitter now✨💕✨❤️☮️🙏🏻

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