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  1. Cearmta

    I'm happy she was 6 points clear of everyone else in terms of PCS here, but even still. I cannot think of a more artistic, better interpreted, better performed long program in the ladies field this season than Satoko's. There is not one moment of wasted movement, not one hint of sloppiness in her skating. Her skating is as smooth as butter. I think so far this season Medvedeva and Zagitova have outscored her in PCS and yes, they both have their moments, but if they're getting over 73, Satoko should really be getting 74 and 75.

  2. White Swan Poodle! 僕はピッコロ!

    Whoa Satoko ‘s free program is impeccable! One of my most favourite programs… I love her always keep making efforts. Such a hard worker.

  3. acuariomg Ggl

    👏👏Muy bien Satoko, que maravilloso patina, tiene mejor técnica que las rusas, verdadero patinaje artístico parece una muñequita de caja musical.

  4. Ira Kloumova

    На данный момент, самая запоминающаяся программа (из всего, что so far продемонстрировал Grand Prix), и потрясающее катание. Браво, Сатоко! Очень музыкально и артистично.

  5. Marian Law

    Great skate. Her artistry and PCS is next to none in this field. Well done

  6. username101

    She’s back! With the soft emotional skates


    No matter how good, elegant and clean she skates, she has no chance to win against the Quads and triple axels of the Russian girls

  8. 한국Южная Корея

    🤣 ах , она такая милая ! Тренер к ней только приближается , а она от него отпрыгивает , а на лавочке сразу отсаживается 🤣 необычная спортсменка , очень здорово прибавила во всем , смотреть интересно ! И это за столько лет !!!!!!!!! Раньше , она тоже была молодец , но без шарма. А вот теперь – все в ней !!!!! Остаётся лишь прыгать выше , тройные Акселя и пробовать четверной ! Умница

  9. Eric T

    miyahara mejor qué kihira

  10. Babidi

    Hamada and her new Canadian coach (he can also be reached on Grindr) do not care about her healthy habits, she looks thinner and sicker. Satoko seems to be crossing the line and I won't be surprised of sooner or later, she will be diagnosed with an eating disorder.

  11. Wanda Seux

    Miyahara más flaca cada día, no me explico si Hamada la está obligando a ser anorexica o si ella lo ha decidido para poder hacer frente a sus saltos tan bajos y siempre con falta de rotaciones completas. Es justo cuando la veo donde me pregunto dónde están los críticos que tiempo atrás decian que las patinadoras rusas estaban desnutridas. No los escucho

  12. B. Peterson

    Perfect music for Satoko. Spellbinding performance. Brava!!!

  13. Angélica B.

    El mejor programa de este evento, lástima que va a Rusia donde dudo que la punteen con justicia. 😢

  14. Tasha Alexashina

    The program is just great the performance is even better!!! Bravo, Satoko!!! 👏😍

  15. Gina Meléndez

    Me encanta este programa! Muy bien satoko ❤

  16. Teresa Garo

    Los programas mas bonitos de esta temporada no tienen cuadruples. Sinceramente prefiero ver esto a saltos de cuatro rotaciones. Se agradece que las ñiñas Tutberidze quieran llevar este deporte a otro nivel, pero que no sacrifiquen la otra parte que lo complementa y lo hace bello. Anna me parece que si lucha por pulir ambas partes, pero Trusova no.

  17. comment

    the most well rounded and professional looking of all the ladies at this event

  18. aya ikeda


  19. Federico Pascucci

    Incredibile Satoko she's the best skater of the moment in terms of skating skills and artistry. This program is moving with the dramatic music and the beautiful choreography. "Chill during the step sequence"

  20. Astromanía

    It's like I'm seeing skate Mao Asada and Yulia Lipnitskaya at the same time with Miyahara beautiful interpretation and skating skills, this program is amazing! well done Satoko!

  21. Jenna Powers

    Literally every single one of these jumps is underotated significantly

  22. Ramses Osuna

    Satoko con los mismos PCs que Alina? Hmmmmm

  23. akie


  24. Estefany Rodriguez

    Es inevitable no pensar en yulia lipnitskaya 💜, hermosa satoko

  25. 이현정

    Under Queen

  26. M. . W

    Very well skated. You are a great competitor. Well done Satoko ❤️

  27. Olivia Song

    The best skater @ event. Satoko deserves every point she earns. Judges have amazing eyes.

  28. Ingrid Alcazar

    Satoko chan is a marvelous skater so forgive her jumping technique it's easy for me. Her interpretation skills are improving importantly and watching how she's fighting to be in the main field it is so good.

  29. Rahel Horvat

    Did she miss a jump, how did she finish behind Tukatmisheva in free?

  30. Александра Русина

    Сатоко здорово катается, прыгает!
    Музыка очень удачно подобрана!

  31. kenan quitco

    bravo, Satoko!

  32. Jun Kao

    So beautiful and ethereal

  33. Gulmira Jussupova


  34. Татьяна Коршунова

    Потрясающая Сатоко Миахара! Ты божественно катаешься! Удачи и здоровья!

  35. Sai Z

    At last, a pcs score above anyone else in the field.

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