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  1. earl Viney

    When is the last time you heard a politician talk like this.sanders 2020.

  2. Joseph Zao

    Bee, JEWS have NO Testament. What is Science with an Animal, Jew? Query from "The Business NAZI" Segment Corp of WSJ.

  3. mikellasa

    Bernie will win. He has much more passionate supporters in every state

  4. D Evelyn

    I love Bernie!

  5. Tony Williams

    All this drama for nothing. You know why.

    BECAUSE BERNIE SANDERS WOULD HAVE won.. Bernie would have beat trump in the general. The whole energy of this country would be different with Bernie. Now all you have is a divided nation..even EVEN IF dems take back the white house in 2020. This is a broken country. Dang. Dnc and Republicans are both to blame for this nonsense.

  6. Sheree Hardin

    I came here for one reason only…

    He sounds like a slavic Russian like Boris(cooking with Boris) mixed with Joey from Yugioh. THIS IS TOO HILARIOUS BERNIE WHY

    I'm leaving here wondering why this old guy doesnt talk about the retarded expensive price of healthcare and how to reduce these dumb ass costs tho. I've gone to the ER and was charged $100 for talking lmao. That is a sign how stupidly priced things are in hospitals and clinics. Another thing I've noticed that's stupid is how everything relating to doc practice is spread out instead of together: first we have to pay a family practitioner. Then if he or she sends us to a specialist we pay that person. And God forbid any of us needing to go to more than one type(say a back doc and a nervous system doc). A lot of these should be combined. A respiratory doc could be a doc for all sorts of things relating to the respiratory system but instead we have cardiologists, pulmonologists, ENTs, etc). To me it's a damn scam.

  7. adva501

    Im paying more than $17k a year in premium and deductible me and my wife , if we have kids our cost would be $25k a year and it doesnt cover dental or vision. The current healthacre system is garbage and cruel .

  8. Uncle Or

    Biden wants to expand on Obama care the same system that will fine you on your taxes for not being able to afford healthcare insurance

  9. Mark Govers

    This is funny as hell 😂😂😂 https://youtu.be/mw3WJr_q4C8

  10. Ron Alberto

    Bernies right on aBout health care .

  11. D D

    Bolshevik Bernie face is cruel punishment and the way talks like a Russian

  12. Patty Smith

    Did anybody understand what Uncle Joe was saying? He's absolutely unintelligible. #BernieCare #MedicareForAll will save tens of thousands of American lives and cost less than the present system. Anybody who doesn't support this common sense legislation is "cruel and dysfunctional" #Bernie2020

  13. Rob Brown

    I know Bernie has always been on the side of American workers, on the side of our unions, and on the side of those who work for a living. I am voting for Bernie. Thank you for your reply and support.

    By the way, have you seen this JFK speech from 1962 where he was calling for universal health care, what Bernie calls Medicare For All.

    This is powerful stuff:

  14. mrfuzztone

    JFK Explains Why US Needs Med4All In 1962 — The Political Vigilante

    The system is cruel if you are sick and can't afford treatment or die early because you can't afford doctor visits or go bankrupt when you get cancer

    Bernie Sanders 2020 – Medicare For All – less expensive and humane

  15. RoccetStrike89 !

    Bernie 2020!!! Thank you I wrote the damn bill

  16. Rob Brown

    I am voting for Bernie. I know he is working for working and middle class people.

  17. Kaffekaffe Kaffe

    Bernie all the way 🔥❤️

  18. nilda rivera

    Woohoo Bernie, yes it is. Only for getting CEOs more richer and less for the people paying a high damn premium +. Every time my plan changes for the worst.
    Bernie POTUS in 2020-MEDICARE FOR ALL 💙👍.

  19. Masha

    The American healthcare system is mind-numbingly dysfunctional especially for the wealthiest country on Earth.

  20. Vincentius

    Sanders is a socialist demon.

    The Health Care System is not cruel. We don't need to improve this system, we need to avoid diseases by fighting the causes, not by funding the vampires who make money with the misery and distress of populations.

    Sanders is pushing the humanity down and use indignation as a political tools to do that. He is a criminal.

    Guys like Sanders are a real ecological problem for life on earth.
    Instead of improving living conditions, he wants to validate the bad conditions, taking care of their consequences.

  21. Dalon Blackwell

    Elizabeth copied Bernie with her answer to this question

  22. B Daniels Official

    There is a reason 4 million people have donated to Sanders, while the others haven't come close. He is selfless and actually listens to, and fights for what the people want. Cast him aside, Trump wins again. It's up to you…

  23. Luis Galicia

    Biden you fuckhead! You can't do the same thing Medicare for all can with your plan because if people opt out where are you gonna get the money for those who use it the most? You don't even mention taking on the pharmacutical companies. Your plan will offer bad service and underinsured people. Whats the point of insuring the whole country if they are still unserinsured? Fuck off Neoliberal!

  24. Europa

    Bernie is the only candidate not afraid to tell the truth about the issues facing Americans. Bernie 2020 🇺🇸


    I wrote the dam bill! "Bernie!" Who's backing Joe Biden the zombie boomers?

  26. Carlos Salcedo

    Bernie for 2020 !!!! ❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. Hyena Von

    #Bernie had a greet night! #Bernie2020

  28. Nicholas Raynes

    Fuck Joe Biden

  29. Ryan Schuler

    That may be do yet a one party one payer system is not the answer. Less government not more. Sorry Bernie

  30. Patriot Medic

    Bernie, you say the present system is cruel. You voted for Obamacare. You help cause this cruel system.

  31. ET Nem

    Bernie for Hospice 2020

  32. Sleeping Giant

    Bernie For President 2020!!!!

  33. ndts ndts

    Sanders ….2020 let him in let him in let him in !!!

  34. Donald Kasper

    Mr. Sanders, Democrats made SolbCare the medical standard and had 8 years to fix problems. Now he is mad SlobCare does not work. Zero Republicans voted for it. You own it.

  35. Jesse Torres

    What's the point of having health insurance if we can still go bankrupt paying for medical bills with them? No joke, my mom needed foot surgery earlier this year and even with my dad's job giving our family Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance, the surgery still costs over $3,000 (and without any insurance at all it would be $40,000). So my mom decided to not to get the surgery since it wasn't that serious and thankfully her foot got better over time, but imagine how many people need this or similar surgery to help them walk and have no insurance?! WE NEED MEDICARE FOR ALL IN THE UNITED STATES!

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