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  1. Ryan Gettig

    Ordered this early am on Amazon=Really lookin' forward to screening it soon:)

  2. Fritz Schweigert

    Great overview of the scene that had perhaps the most diverse set of bands and music styles ever. The promise was there even if not fulfilled. Unfortunately it also preceded and ultimately gave way to the hair metal movement that you could argue killed rock music. This is a nice time capsule though and a must see for rock music lovers.

  3. Diana Rutledge

    Desi was there and brings the scene here for those who were there to relive, and those that weren't to understand a moment in time in LA's music history. A "must see" for those interested in historical popular music culture. Desi Benjamin proves himself as a formidable documentarian, and this film should be shown at the various music film festivals around the country.

  4. Daoud H

    This is a must see movie for anyone who was part of the LA music scene in the mid-80's and any fan of the bands it documents. Great coverage and historical perspective of this vibrant time of LA nightlife and the emergence of trend-setting bands that shaped the future. Kudos to Desi for making this happen and sharing it with the rest of the world.

  5. Michael Birnholz

    I truly got the chills watching this. The directors choices were spot on and the characters honesty truly came through. It truly brought me back to the best days and years of my life. While I was an east coaster during most of this, I had "scene envy" like you wouldn't believe. I came to LA often and much during these times and while I was not directly connected to the folks in this film, I was literally just one degree of separation away. Amazing! I would love to see this on a big screen at Nashville Film Festival! #flashbackforever!

  6. Susan Heyat

    This is such a GREAT documentary that immortalizes the LA music scene, that was so vibrant in the 1980's. I'm proud to be a part of that scene.

  7. Bruce Duff

    This movie brought back a lot of memories. If you didn't live it personally, now's your chance!

  8. Chris Bailey

    What a cool documentary. Worth the price of admission.

  9. Hanna Bolte

    Great doc on alt music and metal and the convergence they had in LA. A flashback on the LA club scene and indie rock music scene and the folks in it. Very cool doc for music fans that like to know the details on how the scene shifted and changed.

  10. Tony Barton

    Desi nails it with this Doc. this is the real deal as real as it gets. Scenesters takes one on a Hollywood musical journey to new territory and the other side of the tracks. The Strip is well documented ad nauseum. This film gets into clubs and bands that have never been covered on VH1 or any other film. 100 percent honest accurate accounting of the true movers and shakers that made Hollywood what it is

  11. Sheri Weinstein

    Great documentary, which captures this memorable period in LA's music scene!

  12. Lawrence Mann

    Great memories for those whom were part of the scene and educational for those who weren't.

  13. shakespearia

    Great documentary! I was there for a lot of that stuff and this film really tells it like it was. Good times, great film. Rock on.

  14. Shockwaves Skullsessions

    Fantastic movie! Scenesters tells the real story of the late '80s Hollywood Rock scene proving that the Los Angeles music scene of the '80s wasn't designated only to the Sunset Strip which catered to the over-present glam "hair" metal movement. There was a huge alternative rock movement in LA long before the term "alternative rock" and grunge existed! Scenesters goes right to the source of the musicians and pivotal players of that era giving a real insight to the Los Angeles underground, punk, glam, Goth, hard rock and alternative rock scene of the late '80s!

  15. Sheila Mizrahi

    I really liked this documentary. A nice collection of interviews and clips from the
    people that were there and lived through it.I f you like glam, goth , punk, or underground rock
    music in general you should see this.

  16. Desi Benjamin

    it started with the decline 1 and ended with scenesters. where punk,
    metal, goth, glitter, garage combined. must see for anyone who loves los
    angeles and the music scenes.

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