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  1. ola johannisson

    If I meet you one day face to face, I'll tell you my experience of Ben Nevis
    . Stay Wild!

  2. Jamie b

    I started saying to myself as I was watching , I'd do exactly the same as you Abbie – just keep ascending to that ridge.
    Fighting doubt , emotion too.
    Keep positive and keep going 👍
    But make sure you're ready for it , more layers , food, flask, water, head torch and spare batteries, satnav and map & compass.
    And know how to use them properly 👍.
    And obviously a fully charged phone.
    Go girl.

  3. Richard Penrose

    I remember doing the snowden crib with a friend and not being able to see 20 feet in front of me. I could never have done it without him so my heart goes out to you big time Abbie! As a guy who now has crippling social anxiety I salute you! Your videos give me inspiration to get back out. Keep them up Abbie! 🙂

  4. Russell Moore

    Great one Abbie. Fantastic


    that looked like a major effort was required and a wee bit scary at sections, but what an experience, you should become a Munro Bagger, and try and complete all the Scottish Munros, 227 (i think)
    with your fitness levels it will be achievable. thanks for the videos cool to watch

  6. Lee Calladine

    Wow that was great Abbie. You were so brave. I know how lonely that place can feel once that mist comes down. Years ago I sat at the start of that ridge by myself just waiting for the mist to lift. It never did. But fortunately a group of other walkers finally came along and I tagged along and made my way round and up onto the Ben that was capped with an early snow fall. Amazing memories. Thank you for bringing some of it back.

  7. Thomas Jones

    Well done abs didn't like too see you upset but you battled on and showed your experience just be safe 👍⛰️⛰️🙂

  8. Richard Wynne-ellis

    Absolutely amazing and a great inspiration

  9. neckdaisy

    The girl done good. Know what you mean about feeling overwhemed and intimidated – started hill walking just 6 months ago. Out of my comfort zone to put it mildly. With fear of heights. But i have persisted and it's a great feeling of satisfation to overcome fear and self-doubt. You inspire me. Thank you. 👍😊

  10. Joe Willet

    Such a warrior, well done 👏🏻

  11. Alistair Johnson

    Abbie, you're an amazing inspiration for anyone who watches your posts. You do things that i wouldn't dare try and you don't just get them done, you absolutely smash them. Please keep showing these fabulous displays of self determination and courage. You will never know just how much of a positive effect you have for others with mental health issues. You certainly help keep my outlook on life sunny and brighter than my own-self allows. Thank you Abbie. You're a star 🌟🌟🌟

  12. Fuji Fatbike57

    You're simply awesome Miss Abbie….simply AWESOME. Thank you.

  13. resnor 007

    Wow, never ever have I wanted more to reach into my monitor and give someone a giant hug! well done Abbie!

  14. Lotzie Sand

    Great achievement, in all senses 🐃

  15. Susie Hilsman

    That was incredibly steep! Very well done—thanks so much for sharing all of it. Cheers to you from Alabama!

  16. susan brown

    I couldn’t climb up there..Id get a panic attack..too high n open..but I’m glad your doing it for me Abby.

  17. Alun Price

    You had Sisu! 👍

  18. Rob Whythe

    I had tears in my eyes when you reached the ridge. I was willing you on, but fearful that it might be the right decision to turn back. I know that moment well.

  19. Matt Stone

    Wow! Watched this with a lump in my throat……. my fave campsite, and the cmd ridge…..in one wonderful vid!
    yes, it is big and lonely up there and I think I know how you felt – I have felt like that too!!
    But you have the right stuff !
    Have you done the Limestone way in Derbyshire?

  20. Paulfastbikes

    Phew that was tough watching you get so upset . Also brave of you to expose your soul on video
    Well done for conquering both your mind and the summit keep on keeping on x

  21. Ed Learoyd

    Well Abbie , I would say you were definitely against it on the ascent in more ways than just fatigue . But I think you are made from the same stuff the mountains are made from . You are an amazing young woman , keep going Abbie Barnes . 👍🇬🇧

  22. esper outdoors

    what an amazing emotional vid.
    I felt like i was on the mountain with you… thanks for sharing

  23. Max Piper

    Abbie, you indeed should be very proud of what you've accomplished. Have you considered doing some more walks in the Brecon Beacons? I can highly recommend Fan Brycheiniog if that's how you spell it! Grid reference SN 824 219.

  24. zomzoms1979

    Well done Abbie, not just on conquering Ben Nevis but also overcoming the panic attack. I'm not sure I would have coped as well as you did had I been in your place.
    I recently bookmarked a quote that I've applied to a couple of situations I've been in lately, – ' Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savouring the journey.' – you certainly did that.
    Take care and thanks once again for sharing your adventures.

  25. Paul Cook

    Nice one Abbie – great effort. I walked every step of the way with you on that one. Truly inspiring. All the best – Paul

  26. Ginger Spoons


  27. Sweyne 67

    Well done Abbie! I suffer from panic attacks and my heart was pumping with each step! Not sure I would have been as courageous as you. Glad you made it in the end.


    Hi Abbie, what an awesome achievement, not only did you conquer Ben Nevis, you conquered every emotion going!… I felt the emotions with you 👍❤️

  29. Wonho Shin

    I'm watching in South Korea.

  30. Military Style Watch & Long Lost Gems

    Great job Abbie, Ben Nevis is a real emotional roller coaster the best few days I had in the wild by a long way.

  31. thedaffy75

    Well done Abbie

  32. Mountains on the mind

    Well done, I had the same feeling up gylder fach and gylder fawr mist came down and lost my bearings it was very disorienting and panic set in.
    After finding shelter having a hot drink and composing myself I found my path I needed.

  33. Lynne Maclean

    Fantastic! Wonderful video 😊

  34. Laura Emily

    Extremely inspirational as always! You should be so proud of yourself for this achievement!

  35. slaz 15

    Fantastic Abbie well done girl.

  36. Mountain_Del

    Well done Abbie, that’s a good Mountaineering route and very pleasurable in the right weather. In the winter it’s quite tasty too. 👍👍👍

  37. Almonte Paolilli

    You are woman, you are strong. Use that mantra when you feel a panic setting in.

  38. Andy W

    Great vid 🙂 well done Abbie in battling on up to the top. Always fancied this route, but above my level now. Not a bad view at times despite the cloud. And the Ben Nevis inn, great little place

  39. David Tomkinson

    Well done Abbie. They hardest battle in climbing is with yourself. Love your videos. This one reminds me of when I climbed Nevis with my son last year. Happy memories

  40. dcbrit2003

    well done. That knife-edge ridge would scare the hell out of me but you owned it like a boss!

  41. Muzz Macc

    Spectacular footage😊

  42. Ian Park

    Great video Abbie – brought back more accurate memories of my own assault on this route. We didn’t, as I originally thought, come up to the Halfway Lochan, but started by crossing the golf course outside Fort William to emerge on the path on the far side of the river. We struck off at 45 degrees well before the CIC hut so we were climbing at a less acute angle than you did. It was still unpathed and hellishly steep – there may have been some swearing in between the ragged breathing! And dammit, I got something in my eye when you got on the ridge and spotted the people ahead of you. Joyous though! My feeling when this happens is well, we may be lost but there’s other folk to be lost with! Summit pretty clear I thought – been several times and it’s been totally clear just the once. Snow in June too – twice! Fantastic, what a day!

  43. Jim Christie

    Mega MEGA respect Abbie. That brought back a couple of heart in the mouth moments for me due to the weather closing right in on us while on the ridge. It's a wicked rush but, on that occasion, I was glad to get down in one piece. I always enjoy your stuff and completely agree about the benefits to our mental health that these kind of activities can offer. Look forward to your Rob Roy Way vids. Have done it twice down the way and enjoyed it both times. Not so good for wild camping but I got there in the end. ATB. 😁

  44. Megan Dawson

    Hi Abbie! Loving your videos.

    Please could you share this link and get some more votes for Natalie. She is a medic with the ambulance service and spends every day saving others. She and her husband Jamie are passionate about promoting mental health awareness in the emergency services. Jamie climbed Everest earlier this year and raised £11000 for Mind in the process. Natalie is hoping to win a place on a polar expedition to spread their message about mental health further, but she needs votes to win. There are 9/10 days to go and she is in second place. Please share far and wide and get Natalie on that trip to show her how much what she and Jamie do means to us all.


  45. Wiccan Wonderer

    Awwww @Abbie Barnes, well done hunnie. Wish I had known you were in my neck of the woods though, I could have and would have happily hiked up there with you. I have been up Ben Nevis lots of times, for work – I helped build the track from the visitor centre/pub up to the split off. Have never been all the way up to the summit though. Good on you for persevering though, it looks like it was an amazing trip. Myself and my best friend are often out on hikes and adventures together, and she has major issues with anxiety too, even when in the company of others – our last big hike, through Glen Affric, we had to cut short and come home because she couldn't cope. I myself have panic attacks, but have noticed they only get really bad when i am on my own, so I don't tend to do the really big hikes alone. So i feel ya hun. I also suffer with a physical Disability – Fibromyalgia, and with Asthma, both of which make hiking very hard, but i never let it stop me from being out in nature, i just plan ahead, plan lots of stops/rest points, and pack the meds i need. I really enjoy watching your videos as they give me such a good idea of the terrain for any hikes i may want to do, and just how difficult bits might be. I think you are amazing, and I look forward to more of your awesome videos.

  46. Martin Norton

    Great video and well done Annie 👍

  47. Fjellgutten


  48. Greg the wild hippy and wifey Hall

    well done! I need to get up there again, I attempted the Ben 12 years ago there was a lot of snow near the top and the path was like an ice rink! we had a blizzard roll in and i could barely see my map we decided to turn back at the 1st cairns near the summit!

  49. Jamian Mateja

    @30:20 Why are new paths discouraged? I suppose because the terrain could be dangerous and potential of a dead end?

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