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  1. Cristian Caila

    Trailer music?

  2. Ze Yu WANG

    I saw it in China!so ..so………so so great!I want to see a second time!
    It is as good as avengers 3!

  3. Griff Gregory

    I love Black Manta's look. #CautiouslyOptimistic

  4. Manoj Varughese

    This trailer is also a secret homage to Snyder. This is the fucking best trailer released among all the other. Guess this just gave the license to make almost 800 million at global

  5. Saiful Alam

    just wow…………awesome actions…………..

  6. CarlosPonson

    The cgi looks like crap!

  7. doris here

    is the music from the trailer out already?

  8. butjay11

    Great trailer and Jason looks delicious but I wish Alicia Vikander was playing the role of Mera.

  9. BRG 0001


  10. In-Between

    god it looks so good, baaadaaaaaass!

  11. Lucas Nascimento

    The best trailer realesed!!!!! I can't wait to watch it in december 13!!!!!

  12. Tharun Raj

    great trailer but it shows too much. Thankfully it isn't the official trailer.

  13. Gordon Watkins III


  14. Rondel Moore

    I wish YouTube would have compressed the video better.

  15. Hollywood Holguin

    Appreciate the upload! Just freaked out and reacted to it! https://youtu.be/IRePUDU0wgc

  16. Shocka Delica

    Waaaay better than our trailers! C’mon. But it looks great so thanks.

  17. Bobby 2814

    It is Amazing

  18. Queen Mera


  19. Juan Quirola

    Song name?

  20. Felipe Anjos

    OMG 😥💜

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