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  1. Florence Ifeyinwa

    She's amazing

  2. Jayne Wildfong

    Selena is awesome

  3. Jesus Mars

    Those kind of interviews are amazing

  4. Ronald Robben

    Selena Gomez just to let you know I'm tried of playing your games anymore ok I don't need anyone in my life it doesn't matter how much I love you cause the last women I loved was my dead wife Amy and I haven't had her in my life for over 22 years now so you want to play your games it's going to be without me ok I am just fine by myself ok cause look at this you haven't done nothing to try to get. To know me in anyway ok I have given you my cell number servoal times and you have come back with so many exquestes why you could not call me but no problem call everyone else in life ok I have come to the conquion that you don't want me in your life ok goodbye

  5. Kiara Camacho

    My queen, my beauty, selena!! 😍😍😍

  6. Sarai vegas


  7. Adriana E

    I’m vulnerable yeah, but I need these things.. couldn’t have said it better myself.

  8. peacemaker0628

    Selena please hold out for a King because baby you are Queen and you deserve the BEST!!! Absolutely gorgeous and extremely talented!!!! Love you Sel ❤️❤️❤️

  9. kosher

    Lmao it took me a good minute to realize that’s Julia Michaels

  10. MariMayhem

    Wow amazing interview, amazing interviewer! Your minds! I enjoyed this so much and wish there were more lol

  11. L G

    Long live Queen Selena!


    I love every single person on that couch! It would be amazing to be sitting there with all 3 of them! What a team! Love, Love, Love them!

  13. Victoria

    I look up to Selena so much.. she's literally my inspiration. 
    Thank you fro being so honest Sel.

  14. Jev

    Selena is such a great artist and as a fellow artist I respect her artistry and hopefully I get a chance to work with her one day

  15. Gilberto

    Vulnerability with expectations? YES THATS RIGHT!!!!

  16. the diamonds

    Love this woman so much wowww ✨❤️

  17. ScarlettP

    Just imagine being Selena's bf from Taylor Swift to Julia Michaels, can't relate

  18. ScarlettP

    "People You Know" hit me so hard 😭

  19. Cartier231

    Selena 💕

  20. Samuela Enoh

    4:13 that's really deep but also true…
    When I see news that say that a 9 yrs old committed suicide or something like that I am totally triggered because u shouldn't think of taking ur life in the age of 9😔

  21. Miranda Michelle

    Beautiful interview, beautiful team, beautiful lifestory to be a part of 💜 (thanks to you sharing selena! U are so brave wow)

  22. Samuela Enoh

    When this dude said "Justin&Julia" I always thought say he would say Justin Bieber😂

  23. Marsellis

    Selena Goatmez

  24. Marsellis

    Selena > Your celebrity crush ❤

  25. Roel Candaele


  26. wigconic

    It's really good to see her in interviews again omg😭 WHERE'S MY SELENATORS AT??

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