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  1. Sarah Gumball

    She's the best celebrity ever.

  2. kay9x

    so Pretty!

  3. Nick Hope

    I think jelena, that was real and it's real, will come back one day… God has always a way, and its obvious that selena and juatin's souls will never stop love eachother

  4. Blue Fox


  5. Laeti R

    Best interview ever…
    See passion in her eyes inspire me so much !

  6. Heartless Guy

    Blushyyy hair

  7. Amber Edwards

    What scene did they take out of 13 reasons why?

  8. Markus Vito

    Lose You To Love Me – Violin 💔🎻

  9. Catty vongchandy

    I don’t talk any more my I idol my queens love you so much ❤️❤️❤️🥰😍

  10. Nani Sh

    I can’t believe she’s 27 she looks 22

  11. Felipe Holbrook

    did she just tease Kinda Crazy, the song? OMG 5:24

  12. Salsabil Altashani

    Now she's moving on to live her life actually she's a such a kind❤️ girl and we have to all of us support her 😍💗
    @salsabil altashani

  13. Prashamsa Rayamajhi

    Yup a great way to start the album 🥰

  14. Linda Cantoni

    That is such a great show! So weird but scary at the same time. 2 sentence scary stories…

  15. mHaidz G.

    Oh I love how she is so happy, living life to the fullest😍 that's a Queen❤️


    “Christian Ronaldo” 💀💀💀

  17. hanny hanny

    I watch the same interview in different chanels cuz it all talks about kind of the same idea
    But i watch all of them and get excited for Selena leaving new Life in every single time and i want to listen to her story and see her smiling over and over again!!!!

  18. * Amen

    She's so beautiful inside and out😍

  19. Sarosha Akram

    Christian Ronaldo 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  20. Otavio Souza

    she didn't even know who is Cristiano Ronaldo omg

  21. selena Helgenberger

    I love you SELENA GOMEZ😍😘💞❤💗💕💖

  22. NICOLE Brum

    pra q me indicar se nao tem nem legendas?

  23. piaklb

    Queen is back

  24. SuperChiko4000

    This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥⭐

  25. Meryem Üzüm

    I just love you Selena 🙁

  26. RedRebel2017

    The guys is dick riding Selena

  27. Fifi UG Black Gal

    Live longer my selena💟💗💞kip it up on fire boob

  28. Alyssa Perez

    Love Selena Gomez, she has such a pure soul and a heart of gold. Love her music so much!❤️

  29. AC/DC

    Lol this has got to be the best interview with her ever! 💕

  30. Just the Facts

    Lose You To Love Me ….will most likely win the Grammy for Song of the Year. But even so; The song has its problems with arrangement and disjointed ending. But I love this song and am very happy for Selena that she is back and better than ever.

  31. ADAMS

    She's fearless I love her

  32. Pari Hmar

    Selina .God bless you always…i support y always😘you’re very strong girl..love you..frm india.

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