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  1. Brian Marsh

    This young lady is absolutely gorgeous and exquisite. Very sweet and sexy, I think she's a genuine person, and her parents should be commended.

  2. Giuliana Arce

    i love it, i love myself


    I just love her!

  4. D M

    I've never been a huge fan of Selena (never hated her and used to love Wizards of Waverly Place.. she was always just there. I didn't really care for her) but recently stumbled across "Look at her now" and went back to "The heart wants what it wants" (which was the first song that kind of peaked my interest in her) and the other songs from her new album and now I'm really a fan. I also feel like she is being herself in interviews now and in her music and it's a beautiful thing to see. 🙂 I'm really happy for her. She's been through a lot both health and relationship wise and deserves to be at peace.

  5. meleknur ertürk

    I love you Selena Gomez <3 <3 <3

  6. L W

    She looks so beautiful! ❤

  7. Dennis Choi

    Her voice is different.

  8. Wilson Martinez

    dont think because im watching your interview that there is an attraction. I like to see my enemy after they have been conquered

  9. actually_jamie

    vulnerable is 100% real. NEVER, ever settle. you are deserving of EVERYTHING you want out of yourself and someone else in a relationship, friendship, etc.

  10. lixxeth

    what a wonderful ray of energy selena is, thank you for this interview and thank you for your thoughts selena

  11. Ash

    I love her ♥️♥️♥️

  12. Jess Albright

    an appropriate and appreciated interested . Ty

  13. Absolute Canvas

    “It’s an honor to be with me” ❤️❤️‼️ Self love and appreciation on 1,000%

  14. maria hodges

    This is a therapy not a interview

  15. Josephine Fiona

    Much love selena

  16. N H

    Love the interview. But what is going on with her lips??

  17. O. R.

    I always enjoy Selena interviews.
    She‘s so honest and heartfelt.
    Makes me believe someday I can be as strong, but still as passionate as she is about life. I don‘t really feel it rn, but I just hope I can get there someday.

  18. changingpakistan1

    She seems so broken!

  19. Джорджио Беллуччи

    Голос взрослой женщины))), и лицо ребёнка, удивлён.

  20. Mohammad


  21. Violet Ice

    Chiron is the wounded healer that everyone has in regards to certain areas of their life. Selena has Chiron conjunct her Ascendant, which represents her physical body. Before this interview, I had no idea that she used to have issues with her appearance (because to me, she has always been stunning) so it’s lovely to see her healing those wounds and inspiring others to have a better perspective of their bodies through her songs.

  22. Tong Mang

    good selena

  23. PSN: mike_dropped

    I have no idea if Ms. Gomez actually sees these comments, but I was just talking to my wife about her.
    Not like out of the blue weird, haha, but we saw her video.
    I'm an old guy at 46, but without giving details I live in a lot of physical pain. And every so often there'll be a celebrity who is truly inspiring outside of just their work.
    Sylvester Stallone is an example. Without even looking at his work, which I do love, the sheer amount of horrible things that have happened in his life that he never failed to keep getting up from and carrying on strongly, that's inspiring on days when my own problems can feel like too much.
    Remembering people who push through pain and just fight and live. To keep on going on. Knowing others do it can be that little bit of a kick you need that you think you can do it too. Might sound corny, but knowing you're not the only one suffering demons or ailments can be the difference towards making it through the worst days.
    And Ms. Gomez, I really hope she does read these comments to know there is at least one person out there where all of the huge things life hurled at her, she is in that Stallone league for me as someone who if I'm having an especially rough time, running out of motivation, a person like her and thinking how she powers through, that can be the difference towards inspiring me to just keep going.
    For what it's worth, her strength is noticed and at points could be described as saving me, to a point.
    If she ever wonders if she has an impact other than a catchy song or starring in a cool movie or show, I know that I can say for myself that she does. I hope she knows it. She wants her influence to be helpful, I hope she knows it has been and is.

  24. Cindy Geerman

    Zane lowe is soooo great at doing interviews with artists! He makes them feel comfortable, give compliments in a genuine way, gives you the time to explain what your saying and doesn’t interupt you to move to the next topic. He’s great! He should be the only one interviewing artists tbh.

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