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  1. Lucky me

    beautiful snatchers🤣🤣🤣

  2. shubham raj

    I can see many British giving suggestions on how to be safe but few are like nationalists of india who are triggered

  3. Jack Nelson

    WOW, what hot pickpockets….

  4. Nana

    Maybe somebody should make prank video, to put a trap inside a luxury bag, then walk around like tourist looking for victims.

  5. FireRobloxSkull Gaming

    All planned :/

  6. Snowy Owl

    These two foreigners may lose their passports 🙁

  7. KaPowProduction

    The same with so called classy Paris, so many pick pockets there too.

  8. Daniel Just

    Were they arrested ? Or Asians were ignored at the police station ?

    When sightseeing in FRANCE, suddenly black, tall person grabbed my hand, I released, he grabbed me again , I released again and pushed him back , three others came but the situation became very tense (almost fight) and the gave up. Later I found out they trick tourists: first they forcibly put a bracelet around your hand and they ask you to pay for it. There was a policemen nearby so I reported the attack, this FRENCH policemen said : “I can’t do anything , this is France get used to it”. Yes, police doesn’t care.

  9. 文武四夕

    Manage to arrest the thieves?

  10. suporta tabang

    Beware of caucassians whites they do pickpocketing

  11. David Hutchins

    what is the name of the blonde pickpocket with the red cell phone. What is her Youtube channel? She is soooo hot!!!!

  12. S.L. S.L.

    Lowlife mthrfkrs

  13. Abra octoheaven


  14. Akatsuki

    The pickpocketing girls are Russian

  15. Pat Wayne

    I guarantee these woman have long wrap sheets. China has this problem also

  16. G G

    Romanian/ Albanian pickpocket gangs are rife in London and I’m sure the police will know who they are.

  17. Wang Li


  18. Stefan Vlad

    They are from france or maybe germany or sure belgian, italy or spain, probably portugale, but not UK, because uk people are a superior rase.

  19. nunpuii damagedlips

    Inti chhelo tawkin mi pawisa an rûksak chu nisia 😑ka lo zak

  20. fintan darcy

    That type of crime in UK special London is committed by mostly Gangs of East Europeans mainly of Gypsy origin

  21. Daphne van V

    That is NOT a selfie! A selfie is a photo, not a video.

  22. the Greatjon

    "IT WAS THEM!!!, NOT US!!!"

    Lot of the comments I see 😆😆😆

  23. Se Ufa

    So were these birches caught??!!!

  24. Hello People

    It’s 3am
    And I have nothing better to do

  25. LilMamaChia

    Charlie’s Devils

  26. Vy Sharieff

    😔😭😭Always keep your money, ID and CC’s in your bra. The purse is for makeup, receipts, snacks and trash lol

  27. I Play 2 Win Truth Seeker

    They will get caught if not caught already.

  28. Comms Company

    I hope this will make people stop suspecting black ppl. As you can see, ‘danger’ is not the colour of the skin

  29. DemFoxes TV

    All the fancy designet ain't gonna pay itself'. Living in chic and hip london is expensive you know. Don't be mad.

  30. CTO Information

    lol true color of Europe

  31. Eliza Awo

    Wow that's really sad! They just missed it by seconds
    This video should be handed to the police to fish them out

  32. snazzynava

    It doesn’t matter what country, if you’re a tourist you’re more likely to be rob. Be safe while traveling

  33. Sa Beck

    they are from Venezuela!

  34. Dianne Schembri

    Did they manage to find the pick pocketers ? That's what I would like to know, theirs faces are very clear

  35. Luna moonfang

    Ahahaha what a shame such pretty faces with disgusting personality!😂😂😂

  36. Warlito Jr Radaza

    What a shame

  37. Mary Ann Jiang

    This has happened to me between Oxford Circus and Soho. I could feel someone pressing up way to close to me, handling my backpack. I kept swerving around and to see what the issue was and a nicely dressed woman right behind me was looking intentionally oblivious. By the time I reached the sidewalk my bag was wide open but I couldn't detect what was taken (so, nothing valuable). After a certain point she and her friends stopped to the side of the sidewalk and were fumbling with the girl's backpack as if putting something in and zipping it up. Nothing of value was missing but it resembled this a lot.

  38. js S

    There should be undercover cops looking for things like this. When they see someone pickpocketing, they can arrest them right then and there. BOOM!

  39. Saito

    You just cant trust white ppl in any country

  40. Alina Bao

    for people that are wondering what happened afterward: the two asian women turned it in to police but they won’t arrest the pickpocket-ers.

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