Set It Off – Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (feat. William Beckett) [Lyric's]

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing from Set It Off, from their album Duality! So, if you are sorry for the lyrics, this may be a bit timing, sorry, this song requires a lyrics video, I just… Click here!Instantly Slow Down Guitar Solos Or Riffs While Still Retaining The Original Pitch. A Perfect Cross Promo For Any Music Learning.

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  1. Sarah FC

    This song popped up on my head 😐

  2. NEST Dmenti0n

    those RP Chat days… i missed it.

  3. Ayanna Forde

    Friend: * eats my last cookie without asking *

  4. Betty Young

    The end: jAzZy

  5. Glassy Rainbow

    Fun fact: this was the song that got me into undertale and also the song that introduced me to Set It Off which is now my most fav band, and this song is also my most favorite song EVER (for 4 years now) how can I thank a s o n g

  6. Glassy Rainbow


  7. 向平幸生


  8. Dylan Emmerson


  9. 1523145

    This is about me?

    But I’m Asian! (I know this is a joke)

  10. Angelica Chavarria

    Io9oonnonmn9no99 9 noo9knkkknknokkkkkoomkkokmkkokkkookkokkkokko kkknonkkknokkokkokookkokokokkmonkokkkkokonknkkkookkokokooi9oo9999ioo99m99k9999iii9o9oioooi9io9ikiooookooiiooo9oiikokkiokkkooo9ooooioiooook9koo9kokoookkkk9oiioookiioioiokkooiooo9kook9o9kkokokiok9kooo9kkoookkooooikiook9kk9oookokokkkoiook9oo9ikookokkk9ooookkkkko9kokokkookkookkokk9okokokkk9oookiiiokkoikookokokk9kkokookkkkkkooo9kokkokokkkookookkokkok9okkookkkookkkkkkokkkkkokkkkkooookkkoookokkkokkokkkkookokokokkkkkkokokkokkokkkkkkoookoookkokokookk9kkonkkokkkknoknkokkokkooknknokkkkookkonokmknkkkkkokookoookoookookkkkoookokkknk9okkkkokoookokkknkeuwhheu hw

  11. xXAaronXx

    minute 1:14 fre-fi-re? xD

  12. My cat died om my birthday

    Throwback to my emo phase in 6th grade where i watched anime 24/7 and self diagnosed myself as a psycopath because i wanted to be quirky

  13. Isabella Clonts


  14. coolMguy7

    Can't help but take it that this song was writin about politicians

  15. foxy de fnaf

    me:hear this song

    my brain:sounds like joker

  16. fais karoh


  17. I_dont_know_ :P

    “Tell me how your sleeping easy”
    Yes. Please share your secrets, I have insomnia, Help. Me.

  18. Dr Pepperboi

    This says a lot about the world

  19. Eureka L

    So what? lol

  20. AnaiD YteL

    Oh shit, vengo de escuchar una canción para niños llamada "Baa Baa black sheep" y el tono es muy parecido a la parte que dice:
    "Baa Baa black sheep, have you any soul?


    I try to listen to blank white music
    U bad
    I dislike ;/

  22. 大小人大

    TF2 spy?

  23. frame freak stop motion

    Also the ( I'm listening in 2019) comments are to say the song is good and still is ppl can comment what ever the fuck try want shut the fuck up and stop being the entiled comment police I get I can be annoying but you commenting on it every time is even more annoying.

  24. frame freak stop motion

    I remember this song after 4 years I was nine when I fond this

  25. Ayşenur -


  26. Ivoivivoibs Lonely Corner

    i find this o f f e n s i v e
    my grandmas name is jill 🙁

  27. Xx_MysteryDragon_xX

    This song: Karma's gonna come collect your dept
    Me: You mean Karma from Assassination classroom?

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