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  1. Ирина Мирнова

    Одна из любимых песен начала 90-ых.

  2. inSparks

    Unexpected goth

  3. AnnabGW

    Marcella Detroit cant think at present real name, but sang with Clapton, and perhaps wrote Lay down Sally….

  4. Lady snake84

    Wow, Enchantress from DC Comics really let herself go!

  5. Heather Christofferson

    Siobahns look in this video influenced me to dye my blonde hair black and to take on a dark image.lmao 20 years later..my kids see this video and point out that I look like her. Haha if they only knew.

  6. Sam Dalgarno

    Holy crap, totally forgot about this song! 💚💚💚

  7. Jet -Up

    I'd stick it behind her ear😏

  8. Pandelis Mitsis

    still an impressive song and video…

  9. Feidi Franconian Tibbs

    What Would Momma Do?

  10. Michal Pupcsik

    This is really classic christian (catholic) view about fight between Angels and Satan behind dying person. In this clip this guy is not going to the Hell, not to Purgatory, but even not to the Heaven 🙂

  11. Gregg Sarkasian-McAuliffe

    What a song!

  12. a w

    this set a precedent! take me back ! I hate 2018

  13. Mandy Kruger

    No one has said illuminati about siobhan, but if she is ill let the illuminati f me allllllday long!!!

  14. Darth Revan

    How the fuck is this HD? their original vid looks better than this.

  15. Andrew Hopkins

    its a shame they didn't do more music they are so drasictly differant it was amazing marcella's high notes and siobhans dark deeper voice just melded like nothing i've heard sense this

  16. Melanie May

    First CD I ever bought and all because Fahey was on the cover lol

  17. Thomas D.

    Wonderful Song …

  18. thom nac


  19. SuSSiSu

    One of the sickest "girl" tunes ever.. Simply a HISTORIC get together of two fantastic female artists..for a very brief period of time, but Hey…..That's how THINGS..happen. Things..that will never be forgotten. … Short and Intensive.. Give Praise.

  20. Pina Blake

    perfect song

  21. Simone Alemani


  22. BiH 1972

    Super nice song

  23. Monika Zawadzka

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  24. Monika Zawadzka

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  25. Liz

    Haunting … my favorite

  26. The Glamazon Club

    Blackly Bewitching….Darkly Divine….Stay with me

  27. R.S. Cherry

    A shame they did not make it big. They made great music.

  28. The Glamazon Club

    Dr Jeckyll  and  Sister  Hyde  just wrap me up in chains

  29. Cmp81

    If this world is wearing thin
    And you're thinking of escape
    I'll go anywhere with you
    Just wrap me up in chains
    But if you try to go alone
    Don't think I'll understand

    Stay with me, stay with me

    In the silence of your room
    In the darkness of your dreams
    You must only think of me
    There can be no in between
    When your pride is on the floor
    I'll make you beg for more

    Stay with me, stay with me

    You'd better hope and pray
    That you'll make it safe
    Back to your own world
    You'd better hope and pray
    That you'll wake one day
    In your own world

    'Cause when you sleep at night
    They don't hear you cries in your own world
    Only time will tell if you can break the spell
    Back in your own world

    Stay with me, stay with me
    Stay with me, stay with me

  30. Fernando Lakatos

    It's creppy song

  31. ShadowfinderMusic

    Fahey reminds me of Siouxsie here

  32. R.S. Cherry

    great song stupid video

  33. Eric Dietz

    I often wonder what Freddy Mercury (Queen) would have thought of this song if he had lived long enough to hear it. We're running out of amazing artists man. There are some great, incredible talented people out there, but they're being barred from our radio stations. I want to hear the GOOD music, not covers of old music. Time for art to rule again.

  34. Amber Bell

    Love,love,love her,she is silly,love.

  35. dahDougieBoy

    Weird. I hated their songs back in the days and now I sudden like them very much. Maybe it's the nostalgia.. everything from my youth are remembered in a positive way.

  36. Dana Sherman

    The evil one used to scare the crap out of me as a kid. Lol!

  37. Rick VanMeter

    Marcella is the bad one! Siobhan is the one trying to save him

  38. Eric Dietz

    Predacessor to a lot of "goth" music which came later. Shakespeare's sister did a lot to show it's great to be a girl who doesn't fit in to what the world insists you should be. Just be yourself, screw the hype. I'm a man and I've always liked the smart ladies anyways. I have no use for brittany spears or the other pop girls anyways. S.S forever!

  39. Simone Raab


  40. neil g

    Death looks so sexy here

  41. Lynchology101

    This video as a kid is to blame for all my bad teen relationships with fat Goth chicks later lmfao.

  42. ron hol

    Bollocks to 2017

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