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  1. Quantum-Entanglement in Magneticservices

    Hi Steve and better Half. The Tibetan Monks do the tinshaw and the bowls out of special material. it you wish to buy one the real ones have some special metals called rare earth minerals. It is forged in the mountain and the special ingredient it from there too. I had the privilege to have one i my hand ant it is full of special energy. The smell is very distinct and rare earthiest. If you can find one you have a special artifact from Tibets past. Peace, Love, Lazaro

  2. Malon Prischer

    How long are they traveling??? Like it began 6 Months ago in Korea and they arme still on the Journey ^^

  3. Jeffrey Philip

    This is fake! I played this level in Call of Duty and I dont see any zombies or evil monkeys!

  4. tgsmith16

    Love that place , Hope the Chinese don’t ruin it . I have heard that the
    Dali Lama is banned from there ,Damn shame.

  5. Brandon Woo

    I'll be in lijiang on the 3rd of December. Your videos definitely helps me a lot. Thanks.

  6. Marlene Simpson

    Your videos make me want to visit there. So pretty

  7. Bo Jan

    Steve, I know exactly what Shambala Antique Shop means to you and Michelle. 🤔

    j k 😅

  8. Eric Nathan

    Going up the stairs I would set up air tanks. Four RMB per 5 minutes of air. I would pay 20 rmb up and 20 rmb down that day. Good day to you and Michelle 😎🤗🤗😎

  9. FitAngie

    Oh my word it is so beautiful 😍 you two are having a wonderful time with your travels, I love your videos and 6he countries you go to.


    Travel blessings for you both! Thank you so much for sharing your personal trip with everyone, very cool sir!!

  11. Victa Nguyen

    Khốn Nạn

  12. rastarum

    Love to watch my ancestors culture who came from Purang, Tibet.

  13. Sawlon

    Hey from Shirley and I! Love the tour!

  14. homesteader downunder Australia.

    Thank you Steve and Michelle, looks loverly.were the meal very dear in price.

  15. Moon Over Miami

    What a beautiful place!
    Great video, guys. Enjoy!

  16. Rickvanman - Variety Channel

    Wow! Amazing digs again 👍
    It’s funny, until now, I always thought Shangri-la was a mythical fantasy utopia, I didn’t realise it existed in real life as well.
    It is a very enchanting place isn’t it.
    Loved the jolly monk, practicing his mantra voice haha!
    That thin air looks absolutely exhausting.
    The tibetans certainly love their bright colours don’t they? All those prayer flags and bright adornments inside the temple areas. I’m so glad they seem to be openly keeping the tibetan traditions alive, despite the awful things that happened in the 1950’s.

    Haha @ that little baby on the back of that moped.
    It looks like you almost had the place to yourselves, so few people; such a difference to the other places you have been to.

    An absolutely fascinating video, Steve, thanks once again for showing us around and sharing this amazing place with us, it’s much appreciated. ❤️🙏👍

  17. s devrim

    Steve, i absolutely enjoy watching your videos. You are one reason why i prefer watching youtube instead of TV

  18. Nickle

    Cordyceps sinensis

    The caterpillar.

  19. Alex

    The real Tibetan houses use no grout, according to my friends from sichuan

  20. Michael Ellard

    Absolutely fantastic video. Really have enjoyed it.

  21. StreakZz

    This channel is so great ❤🌹

  22. Vel Dogg's Kitchen

    Look just like on the TV looks really mysterious let me know how your trip turned out

  23. Alex

    You can pray by rotating those brass drums. Are you on the way to Lhasa?

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