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  1. timmylee1974

    they can kick ur ass with just a paper fan

  2. MechPhantom

    @frogjy its shaolin kung fu

  3. EWM Band

    NArUto song!!!

  4. Matheus Mussel

    Ensinam a escrever no ninjutso também? Antes de falar de alguma coisa você tem que conhecer, garoto.

  5. Matheus Mussel

    I can't learn how to kill someone with just one hit with break dance… sorry.

  6. Matheus Mussel

    Comé que tu diz que uma arte é melhor que outra sem conhecer e baseado em um desenho?

  7. Principe Deividjp

    ha musica do naruto tava melhor! e melhor q kong-fu e ninjutsu…bem k dize kd um tem suas vantagens! xD

  8. siliccsp

    You people are morons. One – you don't seem to know what a "form" is. Go look it up. Two – if you kept watching, you see what you probably wanted – weapons and Shaolin acrobatics and the ONE finger pushup.. yeah. lets see any of you try that.

  9. ablinuxkid

    this aint no fuckin.. kong fu. all i see some asian mothefuckers dancin like dammn gays

  10. Gang Wang

    it's even not kongfu don't shame on the "shaolin"

  11. Toh Sok Ann

    Very Gay .

  12. ytfmichaelxu

    FUCK OFF ,that is soo not shaolin kungfu, I mean, It's not even kung fu.

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