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  1. Shark Puppet


  2. D B

    whoever you had featured on this needs to learn this was a joke song. After the shark verse this guy thinks this is his big shot and tries to make his own song with his own hook in the middle of the song. Wtf.

  3. Irish Chug

    Reply for chese

  4. Mhd Syizzat

    I love this song 👍👍👍
    Can you make more?
    This time a Diss track T-series for pewDiepie #SHARKPUPET THE BEST SHARK

  5. Muhammad Khalifa


  6. Jeffrey James Cruz

    he is a shark but he's 100% better than us 😅

  7. The Jizzy

    Shark rappers 👑🥶❤️❤️

  8. elmo mero :v

    more rap by shark puppet YEAH

  9. Piotr Olszewski

    Its So niceee


  10. Steph Curry Klay Thompson

    10000000000 Bottle Of Cheese
    10000000000 Bottle Of Buckets Like Curry

  11. bandn11

    I will give you 100,00,00 cheese 🧀

  12. PartyMarioBros

    Btw this is lit

  13. PheonixLF

    shark puppet i be getting buckets if i see you ill eat u like a cutlet (with cheeeeese)

  14. Jeffrey Lange

    BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!

  15. Jacob Torres

    This is how many people love love love love shark puppet

  16. Small Aqautics

    Shark puppet I'ma eat the Muppets!!!!

  17. Kauan Diniz Pereira

    Yeah! Super good!

  18. Jonas Fields

    1 mil by the way

  19. Joyce Njoku


  20. Snowy_BTW

    it's better than lil pump

  21. Hrco Aki

    #sharkpuppet #Bestsong

  22. super. cool. Jadniel787 Ortiz

    I love this song is cool

  23. Julian Del arco

    Shark pupet is the best
    Chees 🍕

  24. Avxici DevPro

    yo this is fire

  25. Ꮢ ꂅ ᕱ Ꮅ ꂅ Ꮢ

    Not even gona lie dey got bars

  26. comedicvision#64 // comeviz64XS

    Says all this cool stuff.
    But is scared of Elmo.

  27. Sprizy YT

    I want the beat tho the beats fire

  28. FaZe Roin

    So funny

  29. LIL PUMP Fan Channel

    Shark Puppet Is the new lil pump

  30. Real Rep

    The poeple that dislike these videos clearly don't have taste in good music

  31. Aaron Wallace

    ho ever don’t like this is a hater

  32. The gamers 2


  33. wyd Plague_

    Cheese was the best song but the new song is fire 🔥🔥

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