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  1. christal cephas


  2. RolexMusic Entertainment

    She’s so fucking hot

  3. Mad Ass candy

    Sheila E can get it.

  4. SentientCentrist

    “Sometimes when I get drunk, my eye would drift…used to say I had a Sheila E Eye…ever see the memes????”
    – CTG

  5. nakeshaj

    She's great live. Prince definitely rubbed off on her.My husband and I enjoyed her show.

  6. Steven Johnson

    Envy and Yee are the worst interviewers ever …where's Charla when you need him

  7. Prince Michael

    Disappointed at Envy’s lack of respect

  8. T Davis

    She's aged terribly…I think it's a dude to be honest?…

  9. Tech Unboxing Videos

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  10. Jack McKLAINE

    Envy u suck

  11. B Morgan

    Envy was singing Fergie @ the end. 🤦🏾‍♂️ SMH Lol

  12. phillylegend14

    Sheila E is still fine

  13. Drew Chase

    Sheila E is still EVERYTHING !!!

  14. divingchicago

    I so love Sheila E. She is/was always been a badass on Drums! She was so pretty, unfortunately her face is really aging.

  15. Deca Cards52

    An underrated drummer, its a shame her greatness is never mentioned like other drummers.

  16. Aj Michelle

    I love her spirit. You can definitely see the light of christ in her. 💜

  17. Anttwan Lovett

    Dope interview

  18. Kevin Frazier

    Who is the girl in the background texting????

  19. InTj Dre

    Rakim now Shelia E! They bringing out the legends

  20. Robert Hall

    I love Sheila E!!! A tru pioneer!! And beautiful inside and out!!!! Salute

  21. LLBsmooth6

    Love watching artists from my days growing up get shine. My favorite memory of Sheila, without being with Prince, was Krush Groove. As a younging, I memorized that whole movie. Loved her interaction with RUN and all the cameos. Mostly my idol LL Cool J. But damn she was so talented!!

  22. Micki Star

    What a beautiful humble person!

  23. pipo smit

    she look like a man🤔

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